Mat is the diminutive of mat. Mat is called, in as much, to a tissue of considerable thickness that is used as coverage of the ground and for other purposes.

The notion of mat has several meanings, all linked to various textile products. It is important to mention that different materials for making the mats. That is why it is possible to speak of bamboo mats, palm mats, PVC mats, rubber mats, etc.


The mats are used on the beach.

The mat as an insulator

It is common to use the concept of a mat to name a product that is placed on the surface so that, once the mat is person is located on it, does not have contact with humidity, cold or dirt on the floor.

The mats, in this framework, are often used in the Beach. In order not to sit or lie on the sand, many individuals place a mat. In these cases, the mats are also useful to support objects (such as a bag or clothes) without getting dirty.

A insulating mat, on the other hand, it is a thin mattress or mat made of an insulating material and used as a base for the sleeping bag or sleeping bag or directly for him body. These mats are often used in camps.

The yoga mat

The mat used to practice can be called a mat yoga. The custom of covering the ground for the development of this discipline began in the India and then it spread to other countries.


For the practice of yoga it is usual to use a mat.

Towels were first used in the western world until mats designed specifically for yoga were invented. Rubber, polyester and PVC they are the most used materials.

The yoga mat is intended to provide cushioning for the implementation of the postures and to protect from the cold. They generally have a sticky face, thus preventing them from slipping.

Electric mats

The electric mats have a endurance for the generation of hot. Also known as electric padsThey can be used on the body or on an element to be heated.

At a general level, the electric mat has two main uses. On the one hand, it allows to provide heat either to a body part (such as the legs or torso) or to an object (a bed, an armchair) in order to combat the cold. On the other hand, heat can be used to relieve an ailment.

Electric mats often have a thermostat (a device that makes it possible to keep a certain temperature). In this way, thanks to a switch with several positions, the user can choose the temperature of the pad.

Regional uses of the term

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes various regional uses of the word mat. On UruguayFor example, a mat is a grid of rods or reeds that is used as a ceiling or curtain and that, thanks to a flexible seam, can be rolled up.

On countries What Venezuela and EcuadorMeanwhile, the mat is also a grid, used in this case in backrests or seats. For the Costa Ricans, The mat is the blanket that is placed under the rigging or saddle of a horse as a sweatshirt.