If we want to know the etymological origin of the term mace, we have to go to Latin. And it seems that it emanates from a vulgar Latin word: “mattea”, which came to be a variant of “mateola”. This was a weapon that was characterized by being composed of a long stick that ended in an iron ball.

Mace it is a term that has many uses. In ancient times, it was a weapon with a iron stick (or trimmed with this material) and a thick head, or a club with a wider end. This end of the mace was the heaviest part of the weapon and the one that inflicted damage on the opponent.

Precisely taking into account this meaning we would have to emphasize that there is a Norse god, later turned into a comic book and movie superhero, who has a mace of that type as one of his most important possessions. We are referring to Thor, the god of Thunder.

This object, which is called Mjolnir, has a series of very special singularities such as that it can shrink, that it can be used to launch lightning bolts, that although it is thrown it always returns to the hands of its owner or that it is not only a weapon but also an amulet.

MaceThe creation of the mace dates back to Prehistory, when it was used in the fight between mens but also for the hunting wild animals. Over time, the mace evolved and its head began to include blades or skewers made of iron, lead, bronze or others metals.

The mace of arms, the baton and the flail are some types of mace. This weapon, in any case, was becoming obsolete from the evolution of the shields and defensive weapons.

A mace, on the other hand, is a hardwood instrument which, developed in the likeness of the combat mace, is used for crushing and other uses. What cooking utensil, the mace is used to break ingredients into very small pieces.

Currently, it must be emphasized that, in addition, this type of club is used within the judicial sphere. Specifically, when a trial takes place, the judge has on his table that wooden instrument whose clear objective is to keep the room silent. Thus, when those attending the session, the lawyers or those involved speak at the same time, they proceed to strike with that tool so that everyone is silent and it is possible to continue in order.

In the same way, within the field of rhythmic gymnastics there is an instrument that athletes use to perform their exhibitions and that receives the same name.

Other meanings of the concept of mace included in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) they refer to a ball covered in leather and with a wooden handle that is used to play the bass drum; the thickest end of the cue in the pool game; and the stick used in rhythmic gymnastics.

Mace it is also a usual surname in Hispanic American countries like Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Venezuela.