The notion of locksmith can be used as adjective or as noun. In the first case, it refers to what is linked to the locksmith: the set of door handles, bolts and locks of a building or the place where these types of elements are produced and marketed.

LocksmithWhat noun, locksmith is the name given to the individual dedicated to the manufacture and / or repair of padlocks, keys, locks and similar objects. In general, locksmiths work in a local (the locksmith) and at home.

It is important to mention that a lock It is a metallic mechanism that, once installed, prevents the opening of a door, a drawer, a trunk, etc., without the corresponding key. This is because the lock has latches that only open by matching the appropriate key.

Most doors are lockable so that they can be locked to prevent someone from opening them without authorization. Locksmiths, within this framework, have the knowledge and instruments needed to set and fix locks.

The locksmith usually learns his job by inheritance or through experience. In any case, locksmith courses are taught and notions related to this work are taught in technical schools.

Among the most frequent tasks performed by a locksmith is the door opening whose keys I know they lost. Locksmiths also usually perform on a daily basis Key copies. The screwdrivers, the hammers, the limes, the lock picks and the drills They are among the frequently used tools of a locksmith.