Lineage Definition – What it is, Meaning and Concept

LineageThe etymological root of lineage it is not clear. The term could come from the Catalan word llinyatge or from occitan linhatge, according to what is indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

Lineage is called the descent or ancestry of a family group. The concept is used especially when it comes to a family of the nobility.

The lineage can be known through the analysis of the family tree. Access to this information is often important with respect to the succession of Rights, properties and titles.

There are clear differences between lineage and genealogy, although it is common for them to be used synonymously in everyday speech. Genealogy is dedicated to studying in depth the ancestry, descent and relationships that an individual has with the rest of the population. society; the lineage, on the other hand, only focuses on the patrilineal or matrilineal line (which are also known as varony and navel line, respectively) of a person, both upstream and downstream.

With respect to these last two concepts of the anthropology and sociology, we must make several clarifications. Is named patrilineage to a group of individuals who have a “unilinear” type of parentage and are descended from a single ancestor through the father, without having changed the blood line.

On the other hand is the matrilineage, a system according to which the bond of the person is given through the mother, in such a way that their ancestors fundamental are related to his mother. Each of them is part of their family clan and shares the inheritance with the rest of the mother’s relatives, where we must include siblings, uncles, grandmother and great-uncles, among others.

There are a large number of studies on this subject in Spanish-speaking countries, as it has always been of great interest. Therefore, we can access various documents about the families and lineages of the American continent and the Iberian Peninsula.

Outside of European and Latin American cultures, and even the West itself, the importance of lineage can also be appreciated, regardless of whether it is a patrilineal or matrilineal society. Among the rules that are established to reflect a person’s lineage, the characteristics of the surname stand out, which can consist of one or more words and provide us with data about his origin or the name of his father, among other possibilities.

LineageThis allows us to locate each individual in a kinship structure and also establish rules about marriage, such as whether or not it is possible to contract it with another member of the same clan.

In the field of biology, is known as lineage to the sequence of species that are directly linked through evolution. This means that each new species in the lineage is a consequence of the evolutionary process of the ancestor species.

In a phylogenetic tree, the different branches are the various lineages. These schemes They are usually assembled starting from the genetic data of the specimens, which allow them to be grouped according to their characteristics.

Lineage, on the other hand, is the class, the gender wave category Of something. For instance: “My grandfather had a business where he sold merchandise of all lineages”, “The young man belongs to a lineage of riders that has always excelled in horseback riding”, “Nothing can surprise me about a criminal of that lineage”.

At reikiFinally, the lineage is the chain of initiations that arrives, in ascending direction, until Mikao Usui, the founder of this alternative medicine. According to the teachers that a student has had or has, we can say that he belongs to a certain lineage.

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