A row is a line straight that is printed or traced horizontally on a paper so that it can be written on, without curves or kinks. By writing on a line, a person achieves keep the same direction as you add characters; On the other hand, if you write on a page without lines, it can skew and end up writing higher or lower than where you started.

In schools, when children begin to learn to write and during several years, until they have mastered that art, what they do is use notebooks that have lines, specifically two, so that they go straight in the writing of the texts. Then, as they get older, they opt for one-line notebooks and finally none.

RowFor instance: “When I was a child, the teacher always remarked that I did not get out of line when writing”, “To draw, I prefer the leaves without lines, so my creations are not crossed by the lines”, “Some cursive letters stick out of the line, like G and Z”.

The idea line is also used with reference to the length of a text. If a teacher asks a student to write a text of fifty lines, he is telling him that he must complete that number of lines with his composition. This measure of space is not very accurate when written by hand: due to differences in font size, fifty lines can be 1,000 words for one person and 1,700 for other.

By extension, the concept of line is sometimes used as a synonym for text or composition: “I have finished the article: I think these lines will allow me to win a Pulitzer Prize”, “In these lines that I will give you below you will find all the necessary instructions to complete the mission”, “They were not very happy lines, I admit it: I wrote the note in a few minutes”.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that, in the field of literature, there are various works that make use of the term at hand. This would be the case, for example, of the novel “Los renglones torcidos de Dios”, which was written in 1979 by the Spanish author and journalist Torcuato Luna de Tena.

It is a narrative that revolves around the figure of Alice Gould. This is a detective who has to face a new murder case. To solve it, he will have to go as an intern in a psychiatric hospital, which is what will allow him to gather the clues he requires to discover the person responsible or those responsible for the crime.

To carry out the creation of this novel, it should be noted that its writer also stayed in a health center of this type for a little over fifteen days. And it is only in this way that he considered that he could get the necessary information about what life is like there, what type of patients there are or what are the most common diseases that are treated.