Last quarterChanging the visible surface of the Moon from the Earth gives rise to calls Moon phases: one of them is known as last quarter. These modifications are produced by the change in position of the satellite with respect to our planet and the Sun.

The lunar phases follow each other, creating a cycle known as lunation. In this framework, the visible surface of the Moon grows until the full moon (the entire face of the Moon that faces the Earth). Then this surface begins to gradually shrink.

The last quarter is a phase in which the surface of the Moon visible from our planet goes reducing. In this phase, the Moon is visible during the early morning and early morning. The surface that can be observed passes, in the period, of 65% to the 35%.

The lunar cycle begins with the New Moon, when no more than one can be seen two% of the surface of the satelite. Then comes the Crescent moon, the crescent quarter and the Gibbous crescent moon until arriving at full moon, the moment of greatest visibility from Earth. In all these phases, the visible surface is increasing.

After the full Moon, the Gibbous waning moon, the last quarter and the Concave waning moon. Finally the new moon reappears and the lunation begins once more.

With the last quarter, those who are in the hemisphere North can see the left side of the Moon, while those who are in the southern hemisphere can see the part right.

Curiosities of the last quarter

Last quarterThe influence of the lunar phases in the life of the human being is considerable, and many people plan various aspects of their day to day based on this phenomenon. To explain some of the many ways in which our natural satellite can affect us, we will locate ourselves in the Caribbean, in mid-October.

It is said, for example, that the last quarter phase is the ideal time for developing bonsai, trees and plants that are grown in trays controlling their size to be very small. If we want it to grow with a good density of leaves, during this phase of the moon we must cut the shoots or the buds of the new leaves and stop their growth on the first day of the last quarter.

The gardening In itself it is benefited during the last quarter, and for this reason many recommend dedicating these days to the application of fertilizer, pruning and transplants to achieve the best results.

Although it is believed that during the last quarter the plants do not grow much but that the I usually “Rest”, so to speak, can be a favorable stage for the healing of certain trees and plants that are sick, and for this it is necessary to provide them with all possible nutrients.

Other curiosities of the waning quarter moon in the spring of the southern hemisphere is that its light can serve to regulate the activity of various species of insects: depending on each one, this can affect them in a favorable or unfavorable way, depending on whether they need total darkness or darkness. clarity to grow and develop. In the case of the cruciferous worm, for example, the lack of light limits their growth.

It is recommended to people who are engaged in farming take advantage of the last quarter to plow the land and remove the weeds, so that it is ready for the new harvest. Regarding the influence of the moon on people’s attitude, it is said that during this phase our predisposition to housework increases.