The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) indicates in its dictionary that Kite is he diminutive of barrel. A barrel, meanwhile, is a container It is used for the storage, treatment and / or transfer of various goods and liquids.

Returning to the term kite, it has different uses according to the region and context. The first meaning mentioned by the RAE alludes to a tool used by carpenters in order to secure the materials they are working on a Bank.

A very useful tool

The keg is the device that allows the material to be machined to be attached to the workbench. It has two jaws that can be adjusted by turning a screw, which can thus press the part located in the tool.

It should be noted that not only carpenters use kites. Other artisans also appeal to this element as mechanism clamping.


A piece of the clarinet is called a barrel.

The barrel on the clarinet

A kite is called a part which is part of clarinet, a musical wind instrument. What the keg does is articulate the upper body of the instrument with the mouthpiece.

The musician locates his mouth into the nozzle and, when blowing, generates the vibration of the cane. The left hand of the player, meanwhile, is located on the upper body, where a part of the clarinet mechanism is located. The barrel, as we have already said, makes it possible to articulate both sectors (the mouthpiece and the upper body).

In several Latin American countries, it is called skipjack Kite. This toy and hobby can also be referred to as kite, pandorga, parrot or kite, depending on the area.

A keg is a aerodyne: a flying object that weighs more than air and is sustained by aerodynamic forces. The barrel is raised and supported by the action of the wind and maintains the flight as long as the person in charge of its control maintains it in the proper position through the handling of one or more threads.

Kites are generally used by children as a play. The fun lies in flying the kite and trying to get it to stay in the air. However, there are also kite competitions that have adults as participants.


Children from all over the world enjoy flying kites.

The crab known as skipjack

To the animals of the genre Uca They are often referred to as kites or fiddler crabs. These are saltwater crabs that are characterized by having one claw much larger than the other.

The kites are decapods since they have ten legs. If a kite loses one of its tweezers, the usual thing is that it grows again.

Other uses of the concept

The RAE points out that, in Mexico, a keg is a apprentice who is dedicated to helping a professional. It is usually someone who works alongside a attorney.

In the field of Marine, the keg is a knot. It is carried out in certain capes so that it works as a support for a painter, a mojel or something similar or so that the capes do not go beyond the place where they have to remain firm.