A squeezer it’s a device that is used for extract the juice or juice of a fruit. Its operation is based on the Pressure that is exerted on the piece in question, in such a way that its pulp is crushed and the liquid is obtained.

SqueezerThere are two main types of juicers: manual juicers and the electric juicers. From each one it is possible to find different Models with varied characteristics.

Among the most popular manual juicers, we can find those that have a kind of egg with ripples or folds. To get the juice, you have to cut the fruit in half and press it against the ribbed structure. Typically, the juicer has a container to collect the liquid and a filter that retains the seeds.

Another frequently used hand juicer features a lever to convey the force. The fruit is placed between two elements that, when the person uses the lever, come together, squeezing what was located there.

A electric juicer, as its name indicates, appeals to the electric power to work. A motor spins the “egg” It has ridges, so the individual simply has to cut the fruit and gently press it against this implement to activate the mechanism.

The call squeeze machineFinally, it is part of the electric juicers. This device, which is usually used commercially or industrially, makes it possible to automation of the whole process: usually you can put the fruit whole and the machine is in charge of extracting the juice, discarding the peel and the seeds.