JoyThe Latin word iubĭlum came to Castilian as joy. This is the name of a joy intense, especially that which is externalized through language and gestures.

For instance: “People await with joy the arrival of the Pope to the square”, “The joy in the school was evident: everyone was ecstatic at the return of the principal”, “The singer expressed his joy on social networks after the concert”.

Joy, in short, is a emotion or a mood linked to satisfaction and to joy. When faced with good news, people feel joy and express it with yelling, jumping and other actions that are often impulsive.

Suppose a young man passes his last exam in college and get to graduate. Upon arriving home, he meets a surprise party organized by his family and friends. In the house the environment is joy: The boy who graduated is very happy about his achievement, while his loved ones are also happy for him and enjoy being able to share that moment. In this framework there are many laughs and displays of affection.

When a team of soccer is consecrated champion of a tournament, the jubilation can be seen. The players shout, clap, sing and hug each other, ecstatic at having accomplished their goal. Similarly, the club’s supporters also celebrate and join in the celebration.

It is important to mention that, with other accentuations, the term acquires a different meaning related to verb retire: “In October I will retire since I am turning 65”, “The accountant of the company has retired, so they are looking for a replacement”.

Glee in X-Men

JoyAs a proper name, Júbilo is part of the X Men, the superhero team also known as X men or Patrol-x, in Latin America and Spain, respectively. It is about a young mutant whose first appearance in the comics took place in May 1989, in number 244 of the series entitled Uncanny X-Men.

The creators of the Júbilo character are the writer Chris claremont and the cartoonist Marc silvestri. Jubilee’s power consists of creating explosions of pyrotechnic energy with his hands. Throughout his early stories, he has a hard time putting his abilities, especially since his age prevents him from participating in the most dangerous and exciting missions.

Jubilee’s age is not arbitrary or overlooked: she was introduced to the team as the youngest member and this allowed the writers to create a ribbon very particular with Wolverine (also know as Wolverine or Cheetah), who protects her as if she were his own daughter.

This relationship that Jubilee develops with Wolverine is beneficial for both and, on a large scale, for all members of X-Men: Jubilee needs to leave behind his rebellious adolescent attitude, which he partly nurtured to channel the pain that caused him his orphanhood; Wolverine, for his part, finds in her one more reason to stay close to the group and fight his natural tendency to behave like a lone wolf.

As Júbilo realizes that he is important to someone, his sense of responsibility grows and he stops making impulsive decisions that often put the rest of the team at risk. Little by little, the security that this bond provides allows her to know herself better and in this way she learns to participate in the missions more effectively.

In the 1990s, the Fox signal aired a television cartoon series titled X Men, in which Júbilo was present from the first episode. There you can appreciate your first meeting with others mutants and all the learning mentioned above.