Joystick is a term from the English language that Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is not included in its dictionary, but is still used frequently in our language. A joystick is a instrument used to control a system or device.

JoystickUsually a joystick is a lever that it has a base and that it can perform a certain range of movements. Also know as joystick, usually has buttons that allow the user to give instructions or specify actions.

In an aircraft, the joystick is the element of control most important inside a flight cabin. There are side control levers and center control levers and many have additional switches to handle different issues.

Other machines, such as surveillance cameras and the cranes, are also controlled via joysticks. When the operator moves the joystick to one side, the device performs the same movement: if the joystick linked to a camera to the left, the camera will point to that side, to name one case.

Joysticks became popular around the world thanks to video game. These button-equipped levers connect to the computer (computer) or console and allow digital characters to be moved. In a tennis video game, for example, the player will use the joystick to move the virtual tennis player around the court, using the buttons to hit the ball.

When we talk about video games, we can establish that there are two fundamental types of joysticks:
-The analog, which are characterized by indicating the displacement in each direction. They have in their favor the fact that they are very precise and that, it is usual, that they also usually incorporate what are accelerators. Hence, it is very common to find them in simulation games in which the player has to start driving a car, a motorcycle or an airplane, for example.
-The digital ones, which indicate only the combination of directions that is being pressed or in which direction.

However, in addition to those used to play, we must highlight the vocal joystick. This is what people with physical disabilities use to, for example, make use of a computer and surf the Internet.
Likewise, there is also the hydraulic joystick, which is the one used for certain heavy work machinery, and the specific joystick for controlling what are drones.

Other information of interest about the joystick are the following:
-It is considered that it has its origin in the early twentieth century, which was when it was developed for missile control and even for aviation.
-When this type of device began to be used for video games, it was common for it to have a special connection so that it could be used in computers, for example. However, over time it has evolved and now has a simple USB-type connection, like many other peripherals.

It should be noted that there are specialized joysticks that help persons disabled to interact with others or operate various devices. The electric wheelchairsIn this frame, they have a joystick.