Joy is a term that comes from the Latin word gaudĭum and that refers to the cheer of mind or to feeling of complacency by possessing or remembering something desirable. Enjoy, therefore, is associated with enjoying and any action that generates happiness to the subject. For example: “I enjoy when I see my son smile”, “There is no greater joy in my life than sitting in the armchair with my wife to enjoy a good movie while we drink wine”.

JoyJoy is also linked to sexual enjoyment. The action of enjoying, therefore, can refer to the satisfaction that an intimate relationship produces: “I enjoy every time I am with you”.

Within the literary field we have to say that the term joy is also used. Specifically, it is used to refer to the poetic composition that is made with the clear objective of honoring certain Saints or even the Virgin. It is interesting to note that this ode, which is divided into couplets, has a chorus that is repeated periodically.

In addition to this, in Literature it is necessary to expose the existence of a very famous work that in its title makes use of the word that now occupies us. It is the novel “Los jozos y las sombra” published in 1957 by the Galician writer Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, one of the most important figures in Spanish literature. Throughout his career he received awards such as the National Prize for Literature, the Cervantes and the Prince of Asturias.

The aforementioned work, considered one of the best in Spanish Literature of all time, is divided into three parts (“The Lord arrives”, “Where the air turns around” and “Sad Easter”) and presents us with society of a small fishing village in the years before the outbreak of the Civil War.

For him Christianity, joy is a virtue that emanates from Holy Spirit. It is the effect of charity and supposes a deep joy that the Holy Spirit instills in those who place their faith in God. Joy differs from happiness in that it does not depend on external circumstances, but is determined by the activity of the Holy Spirit within the soul. person.

Joy, on the other hand, is a island of the archipelago of Malta whose name in Maltese is Ghawdex. Found in the sea MediterraneanIt has an area of ​​67 square kilometers and is inhabited by about 30,000 people. The most populous city in the gozo island it is Victory.

In addition to all the above, we have to highlight the existence of a series of phrases that use the term at hand. One of them, of a colloquial verbal type, is “not fit someone in himself of joy” that comes to make it clear that a person is very happy for some specific reason.

Another use of the term joy, finally, is associated with the blaze raised by dry wood when it is burned.