The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, includes more than a dozen meanings of the term Council, which derives from the verb put together (gather, unite elements). The first one alludes to meeting of several individuals to discuss an issue.

CouncilFor instance: “Tomorrow we will have a meeting with those responsible for the different areas of the company to analyze the proposal”, “After a meeting with other specialists, the doctor suggested to the patient’s relatives that they transfer him to a rehabilitation center”, “The school principal called the teachers to a meeting to discuss the issue of bullying in the classroom”.

To the group of people chosen to be in charge of the address of a company, organization or other entity is also called a board or Board of Directors: “Due to the economic crisis, the board decided to cut the workforce by 10%”, “Last week I presented a project to the board of directors, but I still have not received any response”, “I am very happy: I was appointed a member of the board of the company”.

We can establish this type of business and organizational meetings that can be of two types: ordinary general or extraordinary general. The first are called six days in advance and are held once a year to approve the budget for the following year as well as the management that has been carried out. The latter, meanwhile, are convened 24 hours in advance and there may be as many as desired or necessary during the year.

The idea of governing board, on the other hand, may refer to board of directors of a organism private or public. Several Spanish regions currently have government boards, such as the Junta de Andalucía and the Board of Galicia.

In the case of these boards of the autonomous communities of Spain, we have to establish that they become organizations that are constituted with the clear objective that they govern a specific territory, in this case, the aforementioned regions.

It is true that the Central Government is the one that governs the country, but there are a series of powers that are delegated to these boards and others that, although they are not transferred, they must be managed. Thus, for example, among the aspects over which those mentioned boards have competences are education or health.

Is named military meeting to the government composed of the heads of the armed forces. Usually this type of joint is formed after a coup, when the military overthrow a constitutional government and seize power.

Finally, a board is a Union of two or more pieces or the sector where different pieces are joined: “It is necessary to put more cement to the joints”, “Fungi tend to grow in the joints of bathroom tiles”.

Referring to this name of joints we have to establish that there are many types of them: hidden joints, square joints, covered joints, thin joints, cut joints, ascending joints, head joints …

Likewise, it must be discovered that in Latin America there is also talk of a CV joint. This, which also responds to the name of tripod, is responsible for connecting what are two axes that are positioned longitudinally so that the speed of rotation between them is always identical. In particular, it can be found, for example, on the wheels of different vehicles.