Before entering fully to define the term job, it is necessary that we establish the etymological origin of the two main words that compose it:
• Since, it comes from the Latin “postus”.
• Work, emanates from the Latin “tripaliare”. Specifically, the latter is a verb that comes from “tripalium” composed of the prefix “tri-“, which means “three”, and the noun “palus”, which is synonymous with “stick”. That word was used in ancient times to refer to a yoke with three sticks that was used to bind slaves and thus whip them.

The notion of Market Stall it can be used in different ways. On the one hand, the term can refer to a conjugation of the verb put (for instance: “I have put the chairs under the awning to prevent them from getting wet”). On the other hand, a position can be a position, both symbolic and physical: “The Spanish tennis player lost two places in the world ranking”, “Go to the customer service desk if you want to make a claim”.

JobJob, on the other hand, is a effort that is held (“It took me a lot of work to move the furniture”) or one exercise what a person develops in exchange for receiving an economic consideration (“My job is to receive and register guests who arrive at the hotel”).

A job, therefore, it may be the space occupied by a worker or the post that holds: “My job is the one on the left, the one with several folders on the desk”, “I have to keep a certain distance from the employees since my job requires it”, “My dream is to have a safe and well-paid job”.

Regarding the position, we have to say that it is common to use the term job as a synonym for job offer. In this way, it is often said that a company has a job available.

Precisely starting from this meaning, we find the fact that unemployed people find it necessary to carry out an intense search for a job. For this, he not only resorts to hand-delivery his resume but also to bet on job placement companies and even on employment websites or specialized social networks in this regard. In this last group is, for example, LinkedIn, which has become the most significant in the workplace, both to make itself known and to find offers.

Within the scope of computing, is usually referred to as a job or workstation to one computer (or computer) that is part of a net: “Connect to my workstation so you can copy the report”, “I see only three jobs on the intranet, when more than twenty should appear”.

Another use of the concept is linked to a type of furniture that is used in offices. Typically, a workstation consists of a desk designed to house a computer with its monitor and peripherals.

Regarding this type of furniture, it should be noted that it is necessary for it to be ergonomic so that the employee can perform their functions comfortably and without endangering their health.