Jersey Shore–what was in that clogged toilet?


Jersey Shore–what was in that clogged toilet?


  • They said guinea tee

    Guinea Tee: A white, ribbed, sleevless tee-shirt. Known also as a wife-beater singlet or a muscle shirt. Worn primarily as an undershirt, as its name implies, generally worn as a normal shirt on any given day by Itallian-Americans (Guineas, or the New Jersey sub-species of ‘guidos’) from Brooklyn, hence the name; “Guinea Tee”.

    The reason they did it was because Guinea is a racist term for an italian american

  • Alright obviously there is not true Italian on here, Guinea doesn’t mean wife beater at all. Guinea is a derogatory Italian term for the word niqqer. Guinea which is pronouce gi-nee pretty much is calling an Italian black, which is usually used by Northern Italians to call Sicilians. I would know since I’m Sicilian. BTW, Sicilians are Southern Italians.

  • Wife beater (shirt). They were accusing Vinny of it being his.

    Do I get a best answer?

  • Boxers!

  • A tshirt I belive

  • JWOWS Underwear lol

  • Vinnys shirt ….or underwear

  • grey tee

  • Ԁıc̫ҡ T

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