A jacket is a warm garment. The term comes from sheepskin, which may refer to a jacket.

If we focus on the dictionary definition of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), a jacket is a ragged cloth or slang garment. In other words, it is a garment made with a coarse fabric and of a considerable thickness.


A jacket is a warm garment.

The jacket according to the country

The concept of a jacket refers to clothing that, according to the nation, receives various names. That is why different people may be talking about the same thing without knowing it.

On MexicoThus, when someone wants to refer to the garment described above, they resort to the notion of a jacket. Argentines, on the other hand, will name the same product as jacketwhile Colombians and Venezuelans will appeal to the idea of jacket and the Salvadorans, at a chumpa.

It is important to emphasize that even the understanding of several of these words is associated with nationality or place of residence. On Venezuela, by example, few individuals are likely to understand what a jacket is. If we travel to Mexican territory, on the other hand, a jacket has a sexual connotation.

There are even discrepancies depending on the region of the same country. Thus, it is possible that in one city the term jacket is used and in another, not.


Depending on the country and context, the jacket may be referred to as a jacket or jacket.

Differences according to the style of the garment

Linguistic diversity also reaches the style of clothing. The Spanish refer to a jacket when the garment is formal; if it’s informal, they talk about a huntress.

In the specific case of a jacket, it is a very warm garment, which is used almost exclusively in times of low temperatures. In any case, the word jacket is usually circumscribed to colloquial language: in another context, it is preferred huntress or jacket.

The jacket as a poncho

Another meaning of jacket is related to a kind of blanket which can be used as a poncho. In this framework, the jacket is what is also known as chamal.

Someone can keep warm by draping a jacket over their shoulders or wrapping their back. In turn, the jacket can be used to cover something, obtaining greater comfort.

A hoax

Continuing with the review of the multiple meanings of jacket, we find the notion used as a synonym for cheated. This use occurs in Central America.

A jacket is a fraud, a swindle or a scam: “The young man managed to deceive those who were in the bar thanks to a cunning jacket”, “Be careful, that’s just a jacket”, “The woman lost her savings by being the victim of a jacket”.

The brand jacket

JacketFinally, it is a brand of yerba mate produced in the province of Missions (Argentina). This herb is cultivated in the department of Apostles and dried by method known as barbacue.

This indicates that the leaves of yerba mate de Jacket They are dried with the heat that comes from the fire of the wood throughout a whole day. The process is slow and gives the yerba a somewhat smoky flavor, provided by the wood that burns during drying.