Jacket is a concept that comes from jaqueta, term derived from French jaquette that is no longer used in our language. A jacket is a garment whose front part is open.

JacketJackets have sleeves and usually extend below the waist. Anyway, there are multiple Models and types of jackets, with different characteristics.

A jacket may have internal and external pockets and feature buttons or closing (zipper) on the front. There are jackets for formal wear and others that are used in informal settings.

According to him country, the jacket is named as jacket or jacket, for example. However, these notions can refer to certain classes of jackets in particular, depending on the context.

A cardigan, a blazer, a morning coat, a tails, a huntress and a tuxedo can be considered as part of the set of jackets. At a general level it is coats that are used over other garments, being able to get more or less warm jackets depending on their material, the thickness of the fabric or fabric and the eventual filling.

It is common for jackets to present different features depending on jackets man or Women jackets. Likewise, unisex jackets are also manufactured.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), on the other hand, recognizes a vulgar use of the term jacket. According to the institution’s dictionary, in Mexico the jacket is called masturbation: the stimulation of the erogenous zones of the body with the hands or through different means with the aim of obtaining sexual pleasure.