Is there a way to cheat Edgenuity? Or (E2020)?


Is there a way to cheat Edgenuity? Or (E2020)?


  • The best bet would be to somehow find out your teachers login information. The only legitimate and constantly accurate way anyway.

  • (this only works with quiz’s)

    edgenuity re-uses a lot of its questions in its courses (the one i took anyway) when you take quiz’s just go through and write down all of the question, then just mark random answers then you submit your quiz. yes your first grade will be bad but go through and look at what you did wrong(by pressing on the previous quiz) and it will give you the answers to the questions and they reuse some of those questions on the second attempt, (so your grade will appear to slowly go up) then do this and by the 3 attempt you will have an answer for very question!

    i finished my course with a 90%but i don’t recommend cheating because my cumulative test ꜱᴜcΞΊed because i never actually learned anything once i figured this out and you cant use it on topic tests so those ꜱᴜcΞΊed too.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Is there a way to cheat Edgenuity? Or (E2020)?

    If I don’t find a way to do something such as give myself a retake I’m going to fail this class. Normally I’d never even ask about or attempt this sort of thing but I’m absolutely desperate. Please help.

  • I know how late this is but I just found another way to give yourself retakes. Do not use this unless you absolutely have to though( I do not promote cheating of any kind.) When you are about to take a test and it says “0 retakes available” and what not, highlight the area where it says “retakes.” From there you want to open up your in browser console (F11 on chrome.) type in these words without quotes “javascript.value-retake.set=true” then you want to type “javascript.value-retake.give=___” replace the underscores with however many retakes you want. This is for those who don’t want to hack their teacher or are too lazy to ask. Sorry if it does not help you.

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  • The best thing I’ve found is that when you have about 30 seconds or less you are able to skip that part. So it’s not much but at least it’s something.

  • 1

  • Edgenuity Sis Login

  • Hey Zach. Didn’t work. Tried multiple different ways to doing it. Nothing worked.

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