Is ignoring someone the biggest insult?


Is ignoring someone the biggest insult?


  • You have mistaken ‘nosiness’ with normal social relationships (which is one version of “She was saying “hey I like your dog.. it’s so cute” ” — expressed verbally.) People are funny — some require a lot of talking to or verbal interaction, and others require nearly nothing at all verbally, or even dislike interactions that they consider ‘nosy’. Find the space in the middle that you’re happy to meet in — humankind is both social and solitary, both in the same individual at different times, and taken all together as a group…

  • she was just trying to be friendly, you couldve just said hello and then said sorry but i gotta go, youre so lucky to have neighbors that want to talk to you like that, mine wont

  • Not an insult – but it’s rude, ignorant and very immature.

    All you have to do is say, “Thanks,” or “Hello,” or “Good evening,” or whatever.

    They’re not asking to become your best friend – they’re just behaving like normal, civilised human beings.

    It wouldn’t even be ‘associating’ with them – just being normal and polite.

  • Nope. Just rude. You can insult people and still be considered polite, but it takes skill. Idiots can be rude.

  • No. It’s too passive to be the “biggest insult.” An insult actually requires an insult. Ignoring someone can just as easily make you look like a coward, like you’re afraid of them or intimidated by them. That makes you look weak, not strong. So if someone did take it as an insult, it’s hardly the biggest insult. A bigger insult would be actually insulting them about something you can tell they’re insecure about.

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