Is a tattoo on a hairy chest still a good idea?


Is a tattoo on a hairy chest still a good idea?


  • Was it ever a good idea?

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    Is a tattoo on a hairy chest still a good idea?

    I want to get tattooed onto my chest, however… I am hairy. Not as much as a Wookie, mind you, but I still have hair on my chest. I can see my skin underneath without any problem.

    I’d like to know if a Tattoo onto my chest is still a good idea… if it won’t be weird or hidden beyond…

  • It really depends on whether or not you’re self-conscious about having a hairy chest. A tattoo definitely draws attention, so be prepared for that before getting tattooed.

    Also, the artist will have to shave the area to tattoo it. Shaving often causes the hair that grows back out to be darker and/or thicker.

    Ask your artist if they think the tattoo would still be visible.

    I wish you the best of luck with your tattoo experience. 🙂

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  • I don’t see why not, honestly. I mean, you’ll have to shave for when you get the tattoo, like anywhere else…but otherwise… Men get tattooed on their hairy arms, so why not a hairy chest?

    Source(s): I come from a long line of hairy people…you can’t let it get in the way.
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    No – you’d need to shave or wax before you have the work done. After that it’s up to you if you let the hair grow back or keep it shaved.

  • Really like Heh…’s answer.

    But, personally, unless you’d like to wax/shave, No.

  • Umm no make it a tiger in the bush getting ready to pounce on a hapless little deer

  • Umm noo.. you might want to shave if you want a tattoo there.

  • Hey Zeonic,

    Refrain from getting any tattoos! The way our bodies are now is exactly how our Divine Creator wants them to be.

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