The concept of iris derives from tongue Latin, although its etymological root is located in the Greek iris. The term has different uses according to the context.

IrisThe iris is called disc-shaped colored membrane found in the eye of the human being and of various animals. In the center of the iris appears the pupil: an opening that allows light to enter.

Located behind the cornea, the iris constitutes a separation between the rear camera and the anterior chamber Of the eye. Thanks to two muscles, it can dilate or contract the pupil.

The color of the iris depends on genetic issues. Depending on the quantity and distribution of cells that present melanin, the iris acquires one or another tone.

It should be noted that there is a pseudoscience known as iridology, iridiology or iriology, centered on the supposed possibility of analyzing the state of Health of a person through the observation of his iris.

It is called iris, on the other hand, when noble opal: a class of opal characterized by its high level of transparency. The opal, meanwhile, is a siliceous mineral which can have different shades.

In the same way, we cannot ignore either that the figure of Iris appears within Greek mythology. This is the daughter of Taumante and Electra as well as the sister of Arce and Harpies. It must be established that she is represented as the goddess of the rainbow who is in charge of announcing what is the union that is established at the end of the storm between Earth and Olympus.

Her figure is so significant that it even appears in “The Iliad”, where she is presented as the messenger of the gods, and also in “Heracles” by Euripides. Specifically, it is said that she is in charge of bringing the messages of the gods to humans.

Today there are women who call themselves Iris and it is established that those who respond to that name are energetic people, with courage and courage, authoritarian and very passionate in all facets of their lives.

Among the women known as such is the Irish writer Irish Murdoch (1919 – 1999), who has gone down in history for works such as “Under the net” (1998), “An unofficial rose” (1962), “The black prince ”(1973) and“ El mar, el mar ”(1978). Some of these works were adapted to the cinema and even the seventh art made a film about his life entitled “Iris”. This film was released in 2001 under the direction of Richard Eyre and it mainly revolves around the years in which the author, who is played by Judi Dench, suffered from Alzheimer’s.

Yet plant genus of the iridaceous family it is also called iris. Are plants they stand out for their colorful flowers.

The Rainbow or RainbowFinally, it is an optical phenomenon that is produced by the reflection or refraction of the sun’s rays on drops of water. This is generated when precipitation is recorded and sunlight hits the water spray: from the earth’s surface, observers perceive an arc of the seven elemental colors in the sky.