The first thing we can establish is that iridescent derives from iridescence, which is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin and is the result of the union of the following lexical components:
-The noun “iris”, which means “iris”, the part of the eye that receives that name.
-The verb “esse”, which is equivalent to “ser”.
-The suffix “-encia”, which is used to indicate “quality of an agent”.

The adjective iridescent can be used, according to the first meaning mentioned by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), to qualify what reflects or displays the colors found in the rainbow.

IridescentTo understand what the concept refers to, therefore, it is convenient to focus first on the notion of rainbow or Rainbow. This is what the optical phenomenon produced when sunlight reflects or refracts in water spray, forming an arc that exhibits bands of the seven essential or elemental colors.

The rainbow usually appears when it rains and the sun’s rays reach the drops that are in the environment. In those cases, persons they observe an arc in the sky with the colors violet, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange and red.

The iridescent, in short, shows these shades. The term also alludes, in its second meaning, to what generates sparkles.

Something iridescent has the property of exhibiting different shades of light depending on the angle of observation. The bubbles or soap bubbles, the side of a DVD that is playable, and oil stains, for example, are iridescent.

The iridescence is due to the numerous light reflections that occur in the surface, with different wavelengths. This makes whoever sees the object perceives different colors according to their point of view.

The butterfly wings they are iridescent, to cite another case. That is why they seem to change colour depending on the location.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the fact that the term we are dealing with is also used within the field of painting. This is how we speak of what is known as acrylic iridescent paint. This is the result of a perfect combination of various pigments with mica powder, also known as aluminum silicate.

It has the peculiarity that, once it is applied and allowed to dry, it achieves a reflective or shiny touch.

Other characteristics that identify it is that it is framed within the water-based calls and that its application is very varied. Thus, it can be found both on the body of a car or a motorcycle and in a work of art, for example.

We can also highlight that acrylic iridescent paint achieves great results when applied on surfaces such as fabric, plaster, metal sheet, walls, thick paper and even on surfaces that are made of wood. All those surfaces that must be clean and dry before applying that one.