IntuitionIntuition is the power to understand things instantly, without the need for complex reasoning. The term is also used to refer to the result of intuiting: “I didn’t really know you were going to be there; it was pure intuition “, “I never knew what the chemical formula was; just mix the ingredients by intuition “.

In colloquial language, intuition is used as synonym of foreboding (to have the sensation that something is going to happen or guess something before it happens): “We better get out of here; my intuition tells me that there is something suspicious in these people “, “Daughter, remember that, beyond all the advice that he can give you, you always have to heed his intuition”.

At the philosophical and epistemological level, intuition is related to immediate, direct and self-evident knowledge. Therefore, it does not require any type of deduction.

For the psychology, intuition is a knowledge which is reached by a path that is not rational; therefore, it cannot be explained and sometimes cannot even be verbalized: “Why did I decide to choose that door? I don’t know, it was by intuition “, “Intuition led me to abandon the car just a minute before it exploded”.

Intuition, in short, is linked to reactions sudden or sensations rather than elaborate and abstract thoughts. It is important to note that science does not allow intuition to be compared to a paranormal or magical experience; always tries to justify those questions that we cannot explain as a product of mental processes that are not accessed through consciousness and he promises that one day, in the not too distant future, he will find the exact reasons for such phenomena.

Some scholars of the paranormal, such as psychics and parapsychologists, claim that we are constantly communication with a great number of spirits, both beings we came to know and others who passed away long before we were born. They say that these souls have a purpose, that they stay with us to solve questions that they have left unfinished during their lives, and that many of them help us, even when we are not aware of it. According to this theory, intuition could simply be the reception of a message from beyond.

IntuitionReturning to the position accepted by science, when one anticipates a fact, when making a phone call to a person who was trying to communicate with her at the same moment, or when avoiding an accident, what happens is that the brain reacts to the analysis of the information provided by your environment without giving us explanations, although this does not mean that they do not exist.

In the example of the car that explodes just one minute after the person left it without knowing why, a rational explanation would be that one of his senses unconsciously perceived a series of data that, after being studied by his brain, resulted in an imminent explosion.

In esoteric or paranormal disciplines, intuition can be considered as a manifestation of extrasensory abilities, like telepathy. It is possible, according to these beliefs, to develop the ability of intuition from meditation and other practices.

At present, the adjective intuitive It is used to describe computer program interfaces, referring to the fact that they are easy to understand for a user who sees them for the first time. Both a menu and the configuration of the controls, whether of a video game or an application, are intuitive if they allow the person to use them. understand almost naturally, letting yourself be guided by your own intuition and without having to read an instruction manual.