The etymological route of intruder starts in intrudere, which can be translated as “Forcibly introduce”. Saying word led to intrusus in medieval Latin. We have to state that this word is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language: the prefix “in-“, which means “inward”, and the participle “trusus”, which comes from the verb “trudere” which is synonymous with “push”.

IntruderOurs idiom the term came as intruder: this is what is called who enters somewhere without permission or authorization. An intruder, therefore, violates a right.

For instance: “A man shot and killed an intruder who had entered his home with the intention of stealing”, “The guard discovered an intruder in the company through the security cameras, but when he went to look for him he had already escaped through the roof”, “I think I have an intruder on my computer”.

Among the synonyms of the term intruder that we are dealing with, we can highlight words such as meddling, stranger, stranger, snooping, nosy, intrusive or bully. On the contrary, among its antonyms we come across terms such as discreet, clear, suitable or loyal.

The crime from violation of domicile It is committed by an intruder. In this case, the subject enters a property without the consent of its owner.

Suppose a womanUpon entering your home, you encounter an intruder in the dining room. Upon being discovered, the intruder pushes the hostess and runs out the door. The individual, in his intrusion, may have committed other crimes (such as robbery or a threat).

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there are several literary works that have in their titles the term that we are addressing. This would be the case, for example, of the novel “El intruso”, which was published in 1904 and is written by the famous Spanish Vicente Blasco Ibáñez. It revolves around the social and political conflicts that exist in Biscay between the defenders of Carlism and the mining proletarians.

Likewise, the writer Frederick Forsyth also has among his bibliography a very special work also entitled “The Intruder.” This was published in Spanish in 2016 and it is his autobiography. In it he comes to show how, on many occasions, the experiences and circumstances that he faced in his life inspired him to write some of his best books.

Furthermore, we cannot forget the song “El intruso”, which is performed by Zacarías Ferreira and which was presented in 2017 within the album “El Amor. Volume 1”.

“Intruder”, on the other hand, it is the title of a Spanish film released in 1993 whose director was Vicente Aranda, while “Intruders” it’s a book by the American Budd Hopkins, whose original title is “Intruders”.

“Intruders in the show”Finally, it is the name of an Argentine TV program. Since 2001, it has been broadcast through America TV with the driving from the journalist Jorge Rial.