IntrospectionThe Latin word introspection, which can be translated as “Look inside”, derived in late Latin in introspectio. Hence the concept of introspection, which alludes to the gaze that an individual directs towards his inside.

Through introspection, therefore, a person it is oriented to your state of mind, your thoughts or your actions. It is a internal inspection that allows the subject to know himself better, analyzing himself to interpret his own emotions and ideas.

Introspection is linked to reflection and the meditation. The notion has been debated throughout history by the philosophy and the psychology.

At a general level it can be said that introspection arises from the reflective capacity of the mind, which allows them to be aware of their own state. The past and the present can be the protagonists of the introspective act, which helps to understand experiences and influence individual reality.

The introspective method is the basis of various schools of the psychology. This procedure leads the person to concentrate on their own mental processes and contents; then you must verbalize the thought in the most objective way possible for the psychologist to help interpret it.

Introspection, in short, is a way to identify and perceive your own thoughts. It contributes to the knowledge of oneself thanks to the fact that the subject unfolds and is an observer of the reality that builds.

In everyday practice, introspection consists of reflecting in depth on one’s actions, ideas, emotions and feelings, in such a way that it is possible to detect what is positive or good and thus guide the conduct in that sense.

IntrospectionSince the exercise of introspection is so beneficial in putting our life in Balance, we will see below some tips from those who have more experience in this field. The first step towards introspection is choose the right time and place. It is about that space in which no one can disturb or interrupt us, and that time of day in which we know that we can relax since we have no obligation ahead.

Introspection should help us Free us, and that is why we must move away from all oppression to put it into practice. In addition, it is important to note that if it is not part of a genuine initiative, it does not work. Another fundamental point is look back to move forward. In other words, we must study our past through questions that help us to understand the causes of our mistakes, to detect the decisions that have led us to success, the degree of satisfaction that our achievements have given us and the defects of our character. that we want to change.

Identify our gaps is another great tip to get proper introspection. In this case we talk about those needs that we have not been able to satisfy, the important questions that we have not answered and the difficulty to establish well-defined objectives. To begin to solve our problems, it is recommended to prioritize them taking as a parameter the pain or anguish that each one causes us, and then prioritize those that are more possible to treat.

The self-criticism it is a basic part of introspection. We must look at ourselves with courage and without pride, to understand what things we should change. If we deny our mistakesExercise will be useless. Of course, this does not mean focusing on blame, but simply using objectivity to remove what is useless, to remove the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. Finally, it is time to recognize our virtues, which are the tools with which we can emerge afloat and progress.