IntríngulisThe term intríngulis It is used in colloquial language and has two broad meanings, according to what is indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary. The concept may refer to a inconvenience or conflict that arises in something or a masked purpose or motive that is glimpsed in an action or in an individual.

For instance: “The choice of the system to use has its intricacies: it is important to analyze each option before making a decision”, “In his new book, the journalist analyzes the intricacies of match ruler”, “The businessman does not know how to get out of the legal mess in which he is involved because of his partner”.

It is important to note that intríngulis is a word of male gender: must be said “The intríngulis” and no “The intríngulis”. However, it is common for many to use it in feminine, and even that said error appear in the media.

On the other hand, it should be noted that intríngulis does not vary in plural since it is a word esdrújula ending with S. In this way, one has to talk about “The intríngulis”, “Some intricacies”, etc.

An intriguing can be a difficulty which raises a question mark. Faced with the intricacies, the person he does not know how to act or what decision to make, since he has doubts about it.

Take the case of the parents of a girl who want to buy her a gift for her 3rd birthday. At first, they planned to give him a cooking game. However, after reading in newspapers and watching TV reports about sexist toys and stereotypes, they feel that it may not be the most appropriate present. These parents, therefore, are faced with a intríngulis because they do not decide whether to continue with tradition and cultural mandates (which associate girls with kitchen room) or if, on the contrary, select another alternative that is not directed to a specific genre.

IntríngulisThe word intríngulis is not very common in everyday speech today; However, it was part of the common vocabulary of our ancestors, and that is why it is normal to hear it from the mouths of grandparents and great-grandparents, or some teachers. Among its various synonyms, on the other hand, we can find some that seem more accessible to our language today; Let’s see a short list below: weaving, intrigue, maneuver, obstacle, difficulty, busilis and unknown.

In the examples that we have presented so far, situations are noted where the subject feels confused by a series of options, probably because he did not contemplate their existence. It is important to study the nuances of this concept to differentiate it from a mere dilemma, from a alternative between two possible paths, where one of them must necessarily prevail. The intricacies surprise us while the dilemma can be predictable.

Parents who were thinking of buying the kitchen set for their daughter, for example, we know that they had not contemplated another possibility until they were informed in the media about modern ideas regarding parenting and gender; It is not the same as a situation in which a person is in a toy store in front of two products and takes a few minutes to choose the one they prefer.

For this reason, among its synonyms we find terms such as obstacle or unknown, much stronger than alternative. It is something that prevents us from moving forward and that we find difficult to decipher, because we do not have all the tools to do it, since the solution depends on more things than our personal tastes. All that said, we go through many intricacies in our lives.