If your measurements are 38-24-37 what body shape are you??!?


If your measurements are 38-24-37 what body shape are you??!?


  • Hourglass. But that’s only if your bust is really 38″. Your band size on your bra is not your full bust. The measurement over the fullest part of your bust is. so if you were a 38B with those measurements then you would be an inverted triangle.

    Otherwise, for now you are an hourglass.

    Last but not least…your height does not effect what shape you have. You could have those measurements and be 5 feet tall…but it would still make YOU the same size and same measurements. Your height would only act as a visual illusion and make you appear thinner, whereas if you have those measurements and are 5 feet tall, you would look heavier, but only because you’re not that tall.

    Source(s): Seamstress, I know the shapes and proportions for each. I’m an hourglass myself.
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    That body shape is an hourglass shape. It means you have big ҍօ.օҍs and hips and yes, bum, but not unattractive. It’s a pretty attractive figure. And as for your bra size, I’m a 34D and have been since 13. It’s not a horrible size, most likely they were wankers with a 42A THat’s just people being cruel, hun. @Everyone who said the waist/bra size is impossible, it just means you have a tiny waist that gets small after your ribcage ends. I’m 37-24-36, so it’s possible…. And the measurements DO add up. 34+the 4 incehs a DD is= 38

  • 38-24-37

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    If your measurements are 38-24-37 what body shape are you??!?

    5″8′ tall don’t know if this affects it…

  • Lovely Hourglass

  • Voluptuous

  • Joy, if you had a small chest and no figure, your ᴘᴇᴇrs would have something to say about it. If you were “average”, they’d find something unkind to say about that too. Just love your body. It’s the only one you’ll ever have and to be honest, I think you’d have a hard time finding a guy who disliked it.

  • Hourglass.

  • Hour-glass shape.

  • Hot

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