HurricaneA hurricane it’s a wind of extraordinary force that forms a whirlwind and spins in great circles. The hurricane usually originates in the tropics and, from the moment of its birth, it begins to expand its diameter.

In this sense, a hurricane is a tropical cyclone or typhoon; in other words, it is a storm system that circulates around a low pressure center and generates strong winds and rain. It is known as eye of the storm to the area of ​​air that flows downwards inside and is usually cloud-free.

With respect to Energy of the hurricane, it comes from condensation of humid air. It should be noted that the violence The wind causes hurricanes to have destructive effects and bring down entire cities.

The term hurricane is used in a metaphorical sense, drawing an analogy between the power of the wind and certain events. Hurricane can therefore be a event causing great evil (“The financial crisis in the United States has turned into a true hurricane that threatens to destroy the growth of the Argentine economy”) or a person very impetuous (“Juan is a hurricane: he works ten hours a day, takes care of his children and even has time to participate in solidarity initiatives”).

The Hurricane Athletic Club, on the other hand, is an Argentine club whose soccer team competes in the championship of First division. It was founded in 1908 and has its current headquarters in the neighborhood of Patricios Park, on the Buenos aires city. His classic rival is Athletic Club San Lorenzo de Almagro.

Hurricane Katrina

HurricaneIn the year 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused a level of destruction and death that left an indelible mark on the United States. In fact, it is said to be between the five most lethal in the history of the country, and that the economic consequences exceeded those of any natural catastrophe that had experienced until then. Leaving aside the extensive list of records accompanying it, there were more than 1800 deaths among those killed by the hurricane itself and those who lost their lives as a result of the subsequent floods.

It all started on August 23 in the Bahamas and traversed southern North America, taking with it a few lives as it became more strong. It is known that it was able to climb from category 1 to 5, and that it hit several regions of the country for days, such as the Gulf of Florida, Texas and Louisiana, especially in the city of New Orleans. The latter suffered a terrible flood, due to an unforeseen error in its levees, which had not been designed with a phenomenon natural of this size in mind.

The Water it covered much of New Orleans over the course of several weeks. But the areas most affected materially were the coastal ones; For example, the State of Mississippi was overwhelmed by a large number of boats washed away by violent waves, which traveled almost two dozen kilometers, destroying buildings in several cities in their wake.

On the one hand, the terrible situation that the city of New Orleans experienced led to a series of accusations and trialsBoth the US Army Corps of Engineers and various government agencies; however, the work of the Coast Guard, the National Hurricane Center and the National Meteorological Service was also praised. As a curious fact, due to the hurt that caused Katrina to the country, said name was removed from the list of possible names for future hurricanes, and was replaced by Katia.