how much do dogs at petland cost?


how much do dogs at petland cost?


  • You will find the majority of ppl on here are anti-pet stores and anti-puppy mill! (including myself)

    To better write your essay, visit a pet store that sells puppies (and kittens). That way, you can observe “first hand”. Sure, most of the pups will appear to be happy and healthy. What ppl DON’T KNOW is how and where the pups came from. First of all, they got mommies and daddies that spend their ENTIRE LIFES doing nothing but breeding. Breeder dogs get little or no medical care. They are not loved, exercised, or fed (properly). To a lot of breeder dogs, the ONLY TIME they feel a human hand is when it is time to breed again! Now, for the pups… Did you know that in most cases the mommy who had the pups are NOT the ones that feed them??? There are females that are kept exclusively for this purpose. I recently watched something on u-tube where a puppy mill takes the puppies and dips them in BLEACH WATER prior to shipping them out!!! (This gets rid of the vile smell from the mills. So, every time a person “buys” a pup (or kitten) from a pet store, you are not only helping to keep the pet store in business, you are supporting the puppy mills as well.

    Good luck on your essay! :}

    Source(s): Owner of a senior, “mill” dog. (Spent the first 9 yrs. of her life, standing in a wire cage and used for breeding) :[
  • If you are truly writing a paper on this…google Puppy Mills and look up what happens to the breeding dogs in there. They are kept in VERY poor living conditions and have terrible, terrible lives.

    The people who buy the dogs from places like Petland are supporting the business. They just see fuzzy, cute pups and don’t think about where that pup came from.

    In the end, these pups can end up costing A LOT more than just the purchase price. Because mom and dad are not well cared for or screened for genetic defects, the possiblity of high vet bills are astronomical.

    I dont care if people want to purchase a dog, so long as they do it from a reputable breeder. I personally have two dogs brom breeders and one from a shelter/rescue. All great pets in their own way.

    I wouldn’t say it is “wrong” to sell living animals. After all, you are purchasing for a reason. Sometimes for a show dog, a working dog, or just a companion. As for keeping them in cages…well that depends as well. My dogs have crates that they were kept in when I was gone when they were puppies. They stayed for a maximum of 2 hours if I had somewhere I had to be. Now the doors stay open (unless I need to have them locked up for some reason) and they LOVE to go in there. Not abused or mistreated by any means. Just well trained. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Petland puppies are hugely over priced. They cost on average $800-$2000 per puppy. Most of the puppies they sell are mixed “designer” breeds with cute names attached to them. Most puppies are not papered as they are not pure bred and are definitely not worth the enormous price.

    As a store, I like petland. My local store has a great, knowledgeable and helpful staff and I shop there a lot. But would never buy an animal from them.

  • I’ve been there before (not a good experience) and read reviews on rip off report, and from what I get from them, they charge exuberant prices for all their low quality dogs.

    lab/poodle mutts and “teacup” dogs can be priced as high as $2,500.

    Small breeds are AT LEAST $1,800

    Common large breeds like labs, goldens, GSDs are around $1,500

    If a puppy gets older than 12 weeks, prices get dropped lower and lower until someone just can’t resist “such a good bargain price” and impulsively buys it.

  • Are you looking for the initial cost or the long term cost?

    Start up:

    Dog – $1000-$3000

    Spay/neuter – $350

    Vaccinations – $50

    Check up – included (by Petland certified vet)

    Additional costs

    Vet costs to treat kennel cough, worms, hereditary issues, trainers to treat genetic temperament issues etc. etc…. $100-5000+

  • They price dogs depending on breed i guess. I am very glad this is for a paper not a purchase.

  • I once went to a pet store where they sold puppies (didn’t buy anything we were killing time and next door to where we were) and they ranged from $350 to $1000.

  • $400+ at the Petland mear my home.

  • They cost way too much.

    I don’t know why you’re asking here if you already know that most of us don’t condone buying puppies from pet stores, so how would we know what they cost??


    Home of backyard breeders and puppy mills… Scamming, coming your way:)

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