how fast does a .223 bullet travel in mph?


how fast does a .223 bullet travel in mph?


  • That would depend on several things:

    1) The length of the barrel of the gun you use.

    2) The type of round.

    3) The weight of the bullet.

    “.223” is only the designation for the caliber and says nothing about the grain of the bullet, what the load of the propellant. The same round fired out of different length barrel will give you different muzzle velocities.

  • Simple Jr. High math, Carl. Assuming a MV of 3000 fps: 3000fps x 60 sec/min x 60 min/hr / 5280 f/sec = 2045 mph

  • Muzzle velocity of a 55 grain .223 out of a 20″ barrel is about 3,000 feet per second is 2045 miles per hour

  • Muzzle velocity

    Depends partly on the weight of the bullet.

    Generally, the heavier the bullet the lower the muzzle velocity.

    The industry standard with 55gr seems to be 3240fps

    They give the specs for each round.

    Converting FPS to MPH

    3240(FPS) x 3600* / 5280** = 2209(MPH)

    *seconds in one hour

    **feet in one mile

  • (sigh…the sad state of public education once again…rears it’s ugly head ….homework time ? ) How far is a mile…in feet ? ( 5,280 ) How fast is that bullet rated for ? ( about 900 mps or 3000 fps )

    Source(s): YOU do the math, ok ? cause this isn’t a Hunting question
  • About 2,000 mph. More or less depending on the specific cartridge and grain weight.

  • In the region of 1950MPH

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