How did Kenshin get his scar?


How did Kenshin get his scar?


  • Ok.. I’m going to make this as short and easy as possible. *Takes deep breath*

    Ready? Good.

    The way he got the scar sort of varies between either the OVA or the manga..

    In the OVA and manga, Kenshin is obviously killing people.

    So, he ends up killing a man, who was enษกษ‘ษกed to marry a woman named Tomoe.

    While Kenshin was fighting him, he gave him a scar down his cheek.

    So, I’m just going to make this as short as possible.

    Kenshin met Tomoe from her being drunk and sees him killing.

    [of course]

    So, skipping a few chapters/minutes, they get married to keep their identity safe or whatever [I haven’t read the manga or watched the OVA in a LONG time]

    So, she was his “Wife”

    Anyways, they fall in love, all that jazz, and uhm.. I forgot his name, but…

    Well, making it short, Kenshin accidentally cut Tomoe’s shoulder’s while trying to kill a bandit… or whatever he was.

    In the OVA, Tomoe purposely cut his scar into an “X” shape.

    In the manga she falls with her knife that accidentally cuts his face.

    Uh, sorry about the bad grammar/description, its kind of late and I haven’t read the manga in a LONG time.. and I should re watch the OVA’s.

    In episode 32, Kenshin visits her grave. They don’t say her name, but you know he’s visiting her.

    These are the chapters about it all:

    And here is the OVA… VERY gory.

    But BEAUTIFUL art.. I love this movie!

    Source(s): Edit: Whoa, so many typos!
    It must be late. x.X”

    Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite anime/manga ever… besides many more..

  • Kenshin Scar

  • I love Rurouni Kenshin and Kenshin! <3

    Okay, this is going to contain some spoilers since I assume you haven’t read all of the manga.

    Kenshin got the scar when he was the hitokiri battousai. He got the first half of his scar from Kiyosato Akira after a battle. Akira was a body guard and Tomoe Yukishiro’s fiance. The other part of the scar Kenshin got from Tomoe Yukishiro who later marries Kenshin. She gives him the scar before she dies. I won’t tell you how she died if you don’t know, don’t want to spoil too much.

    The OVA Trust and Betrayal talks of Kenshin’s past and how he attained the scar:…

    The JInchuu arc, talks of his past and the scar. I think it’s chapters 165-179 where they talk of the past and scar. Though the Jinchuu arc spans from to 152-255.

    Source(s): Loved it =)
  • the first one whas a man he fought and the other one from his wife it isnt from the tv episode its from the movie called kenshin ova 1

  • I can tell you or you can just watch Samurai X, its much better if you just watch it.

    you can watch Samurai X at that website, very dramatic.

  • his wife tomoe

  • fighting alot of people i dont know exactly how but heres the site for the manga :

  • in a battle with his sensei

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