In the Greek is where we find the etymological origin of the word hierarchy. Thus we can see, exactly, that it emanates from the word hierarchy, which is the result of the sum of two terms: Hieros, which can be translated as “sacred”, and arkhei, which is synonymous with “order.”

Hierarchy it’s a element order according to their value. It’s about the gradation from people, animals or objects according to criteria of class, typology, category or other topic that allows to develop a classification system.

HierarchyThe hierarchy, therefore, assumes a descending or ascending order. The concept is usually associated with can, which is the faculty to do something or the domain to command. Who occupies the highest positions of the hierarchical scale, has power over others.

The Business they are hierarchical organizations. In a simplified structure, the owner is the highest in the hierarchy: no one makes decisions without their consent. Behind are managers, heads of divisions and finally employees with no one in charge. These hierarchical divisions assume that those in the lower categories must obey their superiors.

There are many different types of hierarchies. For example, there is what is known as the ecclesiastical hierarchy, which is one that establishes what the order is with regard to positions that exist within the Church. Thus, in the case of the Catholic we find that said hierarchy is made up of the following degrees: pope, cardinal, archbishop, bishop, vicar, monsignor, canon, parish priest …

In this sense, we would also find what is known as the angelic hierarchy. A term that, in particular, comes to determine the order that, according to the passages of the Bible, occupy the various choirs of angels that exist.

In the same way, there is also the so-called military hierarchy, which is what makes clear the order and importance of the ranks that exist in the military sphere. This means that we can speak of captains, generals, lieutenants, colonel, commander, captain, ensign, noncommissioned officer, sergeant, brigade, corporal or soldier, among many other examples.

Along these lines, we could also make clear the existence of what is known as the crew hierarchy, which is the one that determines the ranks and power of the different people who sail on a given ship. Among them we would find sailors or officers, among others.

The government of a Condition it also has a hierarchical organization, although it is nuanced by the obligation to respect various constitutional regulations and procedures. In a presidential republic, the president is the one who ordains the ministers; these, in turn, can send the secretaries.

In the animal world, the hierarchy is usually established through the force and assaults. The strongest animals manage to establish an order of domination over other individuals of the same species, who abide by this hierarchy of relationships.

Finally, hierarchy is used as a synonym for value in everyday language: “All teams need players of that hierarchy”, “A painter of this hierarchy cannot exhibit every three or four years”.