Handset It is a term with different meanings depending on the origin considered and the context of use. If the concept derives from the Latin word auriculāris, it is something related to the ear or to hearing; on the other hand, when it comes from atrium, refers to what is related to this heart cavity where the blood comes from the blood vessels.

HandsetIt is common for the concept of a headset to refer to device which is placed in the area of ​​the hearing and what allows perceive sounds. Headphones or earphones, in this sense, they are electroacoustic transducers: they receive an electrical signal and convert it into sound.

The electrical signal that reaches the earpiece originates from a electronic gadget, as a Audioplayer, a radio or one TV. The headset, in this frame, functions as a speaker, transforming the signal into the sound that the user hears.

In the case of telephones, the headphones are combined with a microphone to enable communication to be bidirectional. In this way, the person listens through the earpiece and speaks into the microphone.

For many years headphones featured a cable that linked them to the electronic device. In any case, said cable could be disconnected from one device and then connected to another, with which the same headset could be used alternately in a TV and in a compact disc player, for instance.

Currently many headphones are wireless. Its connection with the signal source is not made through a cable, but through technologies such as Wifi Y Bluetooth.