The latin expression nux abellāna referred to the hazelnut. Hazel, meanwhile, is the name of a town from the region of Campania (Italy) that stands out for the production of fruit that we currently know as hazelnut.

HazelnutHazelnut is called fruit that the hazelnut produces. East bush, which can be about four meters high, belongs to the Betulaceae family group.

Almost spherical in shape, hazelnuts have a whitish meat with a high amount of oil. Said meat is covered by a red color film and, in turn, is protected by a Cortex of great hardness.

Hazelnut is a dried fruit highly valued for the taste of its meat, something sweet. Although it can be consumed raw, pasta and creams are also made with it and it can be cooked.

One of the most famous products made with hazelnut is the Nutella, which combines hazelnut with cream cocoa. The Nutella was created by the italian Michele ferrero placeholder image and began to be marketed in 1965.

With hazelnuts in different presentations and preparations can be made different cakes (cakes) Y desserts. It is also possible to produce hazelnut milk Y hazelnut flour, for example.

On a nutritional level, hazelnut offers protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, match, vitamin C Y Vitamin E, in addition to other minerals. Eating hazelnuts helps to minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces bad cholesterol and prevents constipation.

The main producer world hazelnut is Turkey. Behind are located Italy, Azerbaijan Y USA.