WarfareWarfare is the diminutive of war. The term, therefore, allows to name the light troop party that initiates the conflict or minor skirmish. Guerrilla is also a stone fighting between groups of boys and a old card game.

The concept, in any case, is closely associated with the departure of the group of men who, without dependence on the army and under the command of a particular chief, he harasses and confronts an enemy (which, many times, can be the Army of a country).

The notion of guerrilla began to be used in Spain during the invasion of Napoleon bonaparte. The diminutive, at that time, allowed to highlight the inequality between the army organized by the State and the factions of civilians. In this sense, the guerrillas existed whenever civilians decided to organize for their defense or, failing that, to carry out an attack.

From the decade of 1950, the guerrilla began to associate with the so-called liberation movements that spread through Latin America and Africa. Some guerrilla groups, such as the one led by Fidel Castro on Cuba, they managed to seize state power. The main figure of this type of movement emerged from the Cuban guerrilla: Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who became a symbol of the international left.

The pejorative in the term «guerrilla»

Although a guerrilla is a person convinced of his ideas who is willing to risk his life to liberate his land Of what he sees as slavery, in general it is understood as such someone who is being manipulated and who carries violence as a flag to commit all kinds of heinous acts.

The pejorative sense of the term It arose at the time of the conquest, in which the sympathizers of the Spanish Crown who fought against their own compatriots to prevent the liberation of Cuba became known as guerrillas. Since then, the concept has been related to those infidels who go against the village identityHowever, the term is much broader and its foundations are more positive than harmful.

WarfareA guerrilla is someone who fights for freedom in its broadest sense and feels chosen from among the people to be the one who leads the community to a better quality of life. Although it is understood that the guerrilla is the struggle of the army of a government with a few rebels, in reality it is not entirely so. The guerrillas speak for the whole town and fight against the dominant oppression of which the whole town is a victim. It is about a search and a constant struggle to achieve freedom for him and for all the people.

Yes OK violence is surely not the way in which true social change can be achieved and the lives of all the innocent people who remain halfway do not justify a revolt, it is important to point out that the most remarkable thing about a guerrilla is the confidence in himself and in his group, which allows him to face everything that get in your way by defend your ideology. Among the most famous guerrillas is Guevara, whom most combatants take as an example of honesty and fidelity.

Guevara He was, in addition to being a man of arms, a theoretician of guerrilla warfare. The Argentine claimed that the guerrillas were the vanguard of the people in struggle. His action should consist of facing the enemy on his own ground through quick and surprise attacks.