It is known as guardian to the individual who is dedicated to keep something, protecting it. Guardians, therefore, work for the preservation and the security of what they guard, which can be physical or symbolic.

Some examples

For instance: “At the door of the king’s room there is always a guardian who is in charge of controlling that no one bothers the monarch”, “My grandchildren say that I am the guardian of family traditions since I try not to lose the customs and the habits that we carry for several generations “, “I want each citizen to be a guardian of democracy so that we never have to live in a dictatorship again”.

Guardian angel

The term “guardian” can be used in a symbolic sense

The first example speaks of a person with an official position that consists of offering protection to a king; that is to say, it is a true guardian from a legal point of view. In the other two, on the other hand, the role is optional, it is up to each one to assume the responsibility to care the traditions of his family or to guarantee the fulfillment of democracy. This shows us that the same term can acquire different characters, and even touch on subjectivity.

In a symbolic sense

In the field of mythology and the art, the guardian is called monument or the object to which the caring for someone of value, divinity, or community. A totemIn this sense, it is a guardian: it is an element entrusted with the protection of a people.

The guard dog

A guard dog, on the other hand, is a animal that, due to his physical characteristics and temperament, is trained to recognize and repel potential dangers and threats. These dogs are trained and, once prepared, can guard a house or a herd.

Upon detecting a threat, a guard dog begins to bark and may specify a attack. The German shepherd, the Doberman and the rottweiler They are some of the best known guard dog breeds.

It is an unfortunate concept that should never have existed but is still in force today. Like any other form of exploitation animal, consists of depriving an individual of his freedom to impose a series of rules that, needless to say, benefit us human beings. Dogs are not even completely natural animals, having been “created” by breeding domesticated wolves over thousands of years.

No dog should be the guardian of a human house, much less of another group of exploited animals, such as a flock of sheep, who also they should live in freedom. For people who fear for their safety there are systems of alarms, firearms or courses in martial arts and personal defense, depending on your possibilities.

Periodic guardian

“The Guardian” is a British newspaper of great international relevance

The British newspaper

The GuardianFinally, it is the name of an English newspaper that was founded in 1821 What The Manchester Guardian. East Newspaper is still being published today and is one of the most influential in the world. United Kingdom. Just like the newspapers The Guardian Weekly and The Observer, who consider themselves part of your family, you belong to the company Scott Trust Limited, which was created in 1936 with the aim of guaranteeing editorial and financial independence.

Regarding the political ideas who are associated with this newspaper, most of its readers belong to the left. This has led to the use of epithets Pejoratives like “guardianist” to refer to anyone with similar ideas. In its digital format it has three versions: the British, the Australian and the American; In October 2014, for example, the number of readers ranked it fifth worldwide.