RackRack it is a concept with multiple uses. It may be the framework partially covering a opening, enabling the flow of certain things but blocking the circulation of others.

In the drains, grids are usually installed that allow the passage of the Water and filter waste and debris. The function of the grate, therefore, is to provide protection to the drainage system, preventing it from clogging.

When used to drain water from bathtubs and open spaces where rain can fall or there are plants that need to be watered frequently, the soil should ideally have a slight incline that points toward the location of the grille, so that the water runs naturally in that direction by the force of the gravity. If the construction does not foresee this detail, then it becomes necessary to take precautions to prevent the liquid from passing into other rooms, such as using a dryer or a mop.

The vents they are essential in any home. When the doors and windows are closed, only the grill allows air to pass through. In this way, the grille favors ventilation and the exchange of air between the inside of the house and the outside.

Due to this characteristic, it is mandatory to have a certain amount of ventilation grills in the home according to the presence of water heaters, stoves, etc., since they function as a safety mechanism in the event of a loss of electricity. gas.

Although it is mandatory, not all houses are prepared for a correct ventilation. As well as other rules that are ignored, such as the prohibition of smoking in closed spaces or the obligation to have cars checked by officially authorized personnel every certain amount of time, it is common in certain cities that some buildings do not have the necessary measures for adequate ventilation, regardless of the social status they aim for.

RackThe most obvious utility that a ventilation grill seems to have in a home is the escape of gases and the renewal of the air. When colonies of mushrooms and mold on the walls, ceilings and inside the closets, the first consequence is the bad smell that the house takes and, consequently, all the objects that are in it, such as clothes. Nobody likes to transfer that stench to their social groups, but the real danger is not looking bad in front of others, but the disorders (sometimes fatal) that this can cause in the respiratory system.

A grid is also the structure that is placed on the fire or other heat source to cook food. It may be the frame that is in the area of ​​the burners (in some places called stoves), on which you have to place the pot, the frying pan and the rest of the kitchen utensils.

With various techniques, it is possible to build grids with different parts of plants to develop a seat or a backrest. A wicker grid, for example, it can be used to make a chair or a table.

In the seats of some media transport, racks are installed so that travelers can store objects during the journey. These grilles are common on trains and buses.

The grid potatoes (also known as gaufrette potatoes), bear this name precisely because they must be cut in such a way that they acquire the look of a grid, before cooking. For the cut, which stands out in part for being very fine, you can use a utensil made specifically for slicing foods such as carrots and potatoes known as mandolin or do all the process manually. In the first case, a particular accessory becomes necessary, capable of creating the characteristic wave of this plate.