In order to establish the etymological origin of the term gratitude that we are now going to analyze in depth, we have to go to Latin. There we will discover that it comes from the word gratitude which is the result of the sum of two clearly defined parts: on the one hand, the word free, which is synonymous with “pleasant and grateful”, and on the other, the suffix –tudo which is equivalent to “quality”.

Gratitude is the feeling that one experiences person to the estimate a favor or benefit that someone has granted you. When feeling gratitude, the subject wishes correspond the aforementioned favor somehow.

GratitudeThe feeling of gratitude is linked to gratitude, which is the action and effect of being thankful. This verb, precisely, means to feel gratitude. Therefore, the individual who feels gratitude wishes to be grateful for the benefit received. This gratitude can be expressed in various ways, from a simple verbal manifestation (“Thank you so much for help me”) or a written note (“I am writing to thank you for the loan”), even a material gift (“I would like to give you this book in gratitude for everything you have done for my father”).

Gratitude or gratitude is a feeling that believers often experience towards God. The act of praying or praying can be a request or a supplication, but, on many occasions, it becomes a way of expressing gratitude. There are those who thank God for their Health, for having a job or for having overcome a problem, for example.

Gratitude, from the point of faith, becomes a fundamental quality in the various existing religions. Thus, where it is most present is in Christianity, in Judaism and also in Islam. Specifically, in the latter religion where the aforementioned is constantly spoken of is in the Koran.

Precisely in the Muslim holy book it is clearly established that people should be and at all times thankful to God. And it is that, in this way, they will achieve, among other things, that the Supreme Being compensates them for it with great pleasures.

Among the main expressions of gratitude that any follower of the Islamic religion can have with their God is, for example, carrying out five prayers a day in order to thank him for the kindness he has and that he manifests. All this without forgetting that during the famous period of the month of Ramadan (ninth month of the Muslim calendar) the faithful of this faith carry out daily fasts with the clear objective of showing their gratitude to God and being in the best disposition to do so.

On North America is celebrated on Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day), a holiday dedicated to expressing gratitude to God. The origin of this celebration dates back to the first English Protestant colonizers who arrived in North America, who decided to thank the indigenous people for the help they gave them during the first winters on the continent and extend it in gratitude to God.

Gratitude, in short, can be expressed through words, objects or rituals. It’s about a feeling of appreciation towards the neighbor or towards the divinity.