The Golf it’s a sport in which competitors must hitting a ball with a stick and put it in different holes according to a pre-established route. The winner is the golfer who completes the itinerary with the fewer hits.

GolfIn a golf coursetherefore there are numerous holes (usually eighteen). Each golfer must follow the established order, trying to get the ball into the corresponding hole: first in the hole 1, then in the hole 2, etc. To meet your goal you have to resort to as few as possible hits.

It is important to indicate that each player has several suits. These clubs have differences in terms of the length of the shaft and the angle of the head: thus, it is possible to choose the appropriate club according to the distance who must travel the ball to reach the hole.

While the activity is taking place, the clubs are carried in a bag. Who carries the bag is the caddy, a golfer’s assistant.

As for the origins of this play, it is usually indicated that it arose in the XV century on Scotland. Golf was an Olympic sport in Paris 1900 and in St. Louis 1904 and then stopped being part of these competitions for more than a century, until it was again included in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

The PGA Tour, which takes place mainly in USA, is the most important professional golf circuit in the world. As for the best golfers in the story, it is possible to mention figures such as Tiger Woods, Jack nicklaus Y Severiano Ballesteros.