GlobetrotterAlthough it may sound strange, the term globetrotter (singular) is not accepted by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). On the other hand, its plural form is accepted: globetrotter. A globetrotter, therefore, is a human being who realizes travels very frequently and who, on his way, visits different countries.

For instance: “All my life I was a globetrotter: I grew up in Uruguay, studied in Chile, worked in Argentina and now I live in Paraguay”, “The team hired a true globetrotter as reinforcement who played in eight countries”, “Santiago is tired of being a globetrotter and wants to settle down permanently in a place”.

Generally, the notion of globetrotter is associated with adventure and to the knowledge of new places. A globetrotter, by traveling through different regions, can meet people, soak up various cultures and learn various languages. At one point, however, becoming a globetrotter can become something negativeThe globetrotter cannot settle anywhere and the lack of a stable social group can be heavy for some people.

As is to be expected, not all globetrotters discover their passion for traveling in the same way or at the same age: some people, given their upbringing, feel from a young age the desire to cross their borders and discover new horizons; others, on the other hand, reach a certain age believing that they do not need to step on another ground, but a series of unexpected circumstances lead them to find that thirst for change that they had not known until then.

GlobetrotterContinuing with this point of view, it is worth mentioning that the type of parenting can directly influence the taste for traveling. Patriotism led to extreme, for example, tends to reject ideologies and products from abroad, to take the national as the only valid and necessary option; children who grow up in environments with these characteristics cannot look out and many decide to keep this way of thinking even when they achieve their independence. It is understandable that many globetrotters do not emerge from families with ideas of this kind.

On the other hand, there are parents who encourage their children to learn foreign languages ​​and appreciate the art and cultures of others. countries. Literature is a source of incomparable wealth and it can open us up to the world without the need to leave our home, which is why uncensored reading is an ideal ingredient to promote the taste for travel. When the upbringing of a person does not establish barriers between him and the knowledge, the probabilities increase that he wishes to fly and to know other countries, other races, other sounds.

On the Internet there are various guides for globetrotters, which contain information very useful for those who come to a country they did not know and need to find a place to sleep and a job. However, not everyone is looking for a similar experience: some want to settle down for a time and organize their life in the most resident-like way, while others prioritize their freedom and have no problem sleeping outside and having a small budget. .

On the other hand, Harlem globetrotter, or Harlem Globetrotters in its original language, it is a famous team of basketball (basketball) that travels the world with a show that combines sport and comedy. Unlike most conventional equipment, the Globetrotter They are not part of a league or participate in tournaments, but rather tour and exhibit.

The fame of this team is so great that it has even developed a animated series in his honor. The program, created by Hanna-barbera, featured players as superheroes with special powers.