Yard is a term of French origin that refers to the land where plants are grown for decorative and ornamental purposes. It is a flower garden that seeks to beautify a certain place. For example: “I want to plant jasmine in my garden”, “My grandmother has a beautiful garden with flowers of all colors”.

YardIt is known as gardening to discipline dedicated to the development of these spaces found in many houses or on public land. It is possible to distinguish between different types of garden according to their functions or purposes.

Among the most important gardens in the world we would have to highlight the existence of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, from the 6th century BC, which are considered one of the Seven Wonders of what was the ancient world. They were located next to what was the King’s Palace and were destroyed in 125 BC by the monarch Evernero.

The Japanese garden, a native of Japan, invites contemplation and relaxation. It includes, in addition to plants, ponds with water and fish, rocks and other elements that usually have symbolic meanings.

One form of Japanese gardens is the zen gardens, composed of sand, gravel and herbs that help the monks’ meditation.

In addition, we also find tropical gardens that, as their name suggests, are identified by the fact that they are made up of tropical plants. Therefore they need a lot of light, fertilizers and a significant amount of water, either through rain or irrigation.

The aromatic garden is one that seeks to perfume the environment. It arose in the Ancient Egypt with plants like myrrh and frankincense. The Botanical GardensOn the other hand, they are places created by various organizations (public or private) to study, conserve and disseminate plant diversity.

Water gardens, wild ones, Islamic or English gardens are other types that are also especially interesting and unique.

We also have to underline the existence of what is called the garden city. Specifically, this is the set of family-type houses that exist in a city and that have a garden.

Specifically, in Córdoba, in Spain, there is a neighborhood called Ciudad Jardín. It gets its name because when it was planned, countless parks and gardens were established in it. It is located in the Poniente Sur area and borders to the north with the well-known Avenida de Medina Azahara.

In some countries, it is called Kinder garden to establishments dedicated to providing preschool education services: “My son turned three and is about to start kindergarten”, “I’m going to work as a teacher in a kindergarten”.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the colloquial expression “getting into a garden”. It is a verbal phrase used to make it clear that a person in question has become unnecessarily entangled in a very complicated situation.

In the baseballfinally the garden u outfield It is the field of play that is beyond the area delimited by the infield.