The first thing we are going to do is know the etymological origin of the term gangster that we are now dealing with. Specifically, we can determine that it is a word that derives from English, since it is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:
-The noun “gang”, which can be translated as “gang” or “gang”.
-The pejorative suffix “-ster”, which is used to indicate to the person who is performing an action.

A gangster it’s a member of a mafia group. This English term came to our language as gangster, a word accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary.

GangsterA gangster or gangster, therefore, is an individual who integrates a organized gang of criminals. Gangsters usually have their radius of action in the most populated cities.

Gangsters are criminals who act together. A gang of gangsters is a criminal organization that resorts to intimidation and violence to meet your goals.

Undercover gambling and trafficking in illegal goods are two of the most common activities of gangsters. They are also dedicated to the threat and extortion. Sometimes, the gangster installs a legal business as a front and thus masks his illicit actions.

Many gangsters became famous for the scale of their crimes. Possibly the best known gangster of the story be Al Capone, born January 17, 1899 in New York and died on January 25, 1947 in Miami.

Al Capone was presented as “Antique dealer” but he became the most important criminal of Chicago. Among the businesses he ran were the traffic of alcoholic beverages during the Seca Law, illegal gambling and prostitution. Despite these crimes, ended up being jailed for tax evasion.

Salvatore lucania, known as Lucky luciano, it was another gangster sadly famous. He was born on November 24, 1897 in Sicily and died on January 26, 1962 in Naples, although he acted in USA.

In the same way, do not overlook others who also went down in history as very relevant gangsters. We are referring to figures such as:
-Virginia Hill, who not only worked for Al Capone but was also a partner of one of the most important alcohol distributors during the aforementioned Prohibition Law. What she did was murder her boyfriend in order to run the business.
-Lucky Luciano. This other gangster is considered the father of organized crime, as we understand it today. She had a prostitution business, although her main source of income was related to the distribution of alcohol during Prohibition. Specifically, it imported alcohol from Scotland, Canada, and even Latin America.
-Frank Costello was another very relevant and dangerous gangster from the United States. His origin was Italian and in North American lands he not only played an essential role within organized crime but also set up a true empire with control of the game.