StripeThe notion of Stripe, which comes from the French word frange, has several meanings. One of the most common uses refers to elongated and narrow sector which is part of a everything. The stripes can also be strips, lines or girdles. For example: “A strip of the provincial territory is covered with water by floods”, “The dress my husband gave me is blue with two vertical white stripes on the sides”, “My son dyed a green stripe in his hair”.

The idea fringe, in this framework, usually refers to portions of territory. The Gaza Strip is a region that borders Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea. Armed clashes and terrorist attacks often occur in this Palestinian territory due to the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews.

On Africa, the Aouzou Strip was the subject of a dispute between Chad Y Libya. The international Court of Justice, on 1994, ended the struggle by recognizing the sovereignty from Chad on the strip.

The Strip of Aragon, on the other hand, is a sector of the Autonomous Community of Aragon where Catalan is spoken. Is zone Aragonese borders Catalonia, and in fact some political movements claim it as part of the Catalan countries.

Although the eastern part of Aragon began to be related to the concept of Stripe relatively recently, the origins of this link date back to 1929. At that time, the geographer, pedagogue and writer Pau Vila baptized the area of ​​Aragon in which Catalan was spoken as Brands of Westeros. Vila, who years later would design the first Map regional district of the Catalan community, thus tried to give a unique name to this territory, which until then was not formally distinguished from the rest.

Years later, several relevant people used this name to refer to the current Strip of Aragon, and among them was the philologist Joan Coromines. Similarly, other names arose, such as being Aragon brands, the line of Aragon Y Aragonese Catalonia. Although so many different names have been used, they all pointed to the same territory.

StripeIt is important to clarify that these names were created by the Catalans to distinguish the area of ​​eastern Aragon in which their language was spoken, so that it was not an accepted question at the level national nor was it official. It was only during the second half of the 1970s, within the framework of the so-called spanish transition, that for the first time the term was used Stripe to refer to the Catalan-speaking part of Aragon.

Over time, the use of this word to denote the aforementioned area of ​​Aragon acquired other meanings beyond that relating to the language spoken in it. In particular, today it is recognized as the Strip of Aragon to distinguish it for its organization in the political, ecclesiastical and socioeconomic spheres, and each of them responds to slightly different groups of municipalities.

Fringe, on the other hand, can be a interval or one band. Is named time zone, or time zone, to each of the areas into which the planet is divided Land according to the time that prevails in each territory. These bands are determined according to coordinated universal time (known as UTC), which focuses on the Greenwich Meridian. The time slot of Argentina, chili Y Uruguay, to cite one case, is UTC -3: 00 (that is, there are three hours less than in the Greenwich Meridian).

The electoral strip, finally, is the space that the media should target political parties so that, during the campaign season, candidates can disseminate their proposals.