The etymological origin of the concept that we are now going to address, we must emphasize that it is found in Latin. In this language we find the fact that it comes from the word formula which can be translated as “rule” and is characterized by being made up of the union of shape, which means “image” or “figure”, and the suffix –ulus which acts as a diminutive.

It is known as formula to the means that allows the favorable resolution of a challenge or to accomplish something complicated. For instance: “I have the formula for the business to be successful: we have to advertise in the local newspaper and offer special discounts”, “There is no formula for a happy marriage, although the basis is in respect and communication”, “Ricardo wants to find the formula to avoid having to sell the company”.

FormulaWithin Sciences as the chemistry, the physical wave mathematics, by formula we mean a short sentence or short structure that allows to organize and present data in a symbolic way. The system that links mathematical elements to each other and the structure composed of combined chemical symbols that account for how each molecule is composed, are considered formulas. In a similar sense, a formula is a set way of writing or writing something in advance.

Motorsports, for its part, appeals to the formulas for naming various classes of single-seaters (as is known to competition vehicles that can only transport one person and have uncovered wheels). The Formula 1 It is the most important category in motorsports. Each race is known as Big prize and all the competitions are called Formula 1 World Championship. Other popular formulas are Formula 3 and the Formula 3000: “Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso are my favorite Formula 1 racers”, “My son’s dream is to compete in Formula 1, although he knows that it is something very complicated”.

Nor can we ignore the fact that in the musical field there are two groups unless they have used the term we are analyzing to compose their name and make themselves known throughout the world. The first group is Formula V, which is part of the pop style and which had its greatest successes in the 60s and 70s.

Thus, since then and until now, the aforementioned Madrid group has managed to compose a set of songs that have become the soundtrack of many people. Among his best known singles are “Eva María”, “I have your love”, “Summer holidays”, “Blas’s party” or “Cuéntame”. Composition of the latter that today has been heard again with great force thanks to the fact that it is the song at the head of one of the most important series on Spanish television that is precisely called the aforementioned song.

The second formation that takes the term we are analyzing is Open Formula, now defunct, which was born in 2002 and which was made up of several of the contestants of the successful program “Operación Triunfo”: Geno, Mireia, Javián and Álex Casademunt, who In the last stage, he was replaced by another program partner, Miguel Ángel Silva.

For the medicine, instead, the master formula It is a medicine that is prepared by the pharmacist to fulfill a medical prescription and that is intended for an individualized patient.