With etymological origin in the Latin word caput, which translates as “head”, the term foreman refers to who is in charge of direct and control a group of workers. The concept is often used in reference to manager of tillage or ranching tasks in a countryside.

A position of great responsibility

In a construction site, the foreman is responsible for the workers who must carry out the works. Their task is to organize and supervise the tasks, indicating the techniques and materials to be used. It also controls security measures and analyzes the results.

Construction foreman

The responsibility of the foreman is considerable

The foreman is an essential figure in construction, and therefore a great responsibility falls on his shoulders. The thing is health and safety other workers depend largely on their performance. Among the others chores that you must attend to are the following:

* keep tools, materials, and machines organized;

* make sure workers are organized and productive;

* keep the General Contractor informed of all important aspects of the work;

* ensure that the team has the necessary materials at all times;

* control the quality of work so that it goes according to plans;

* take care of budget and planning.

In the mining, the foreman watches over what the drillers, lane drivers and the rest of the operators do. It is also dedicated to reviewing the operations that are carried out with machines.

In Andalucia

The idea as foreman, in various parts of the autonomous community Andalusia (Spain), refers to one step driver in the framework of the processions of Holy Week. The foreman is located in the front sector of the pass and is in charge of the direction of the crew.

We should point out that the concept of He passed, in this context, refers to a platform on which are placed cult images (sculpted figures of the different characters of the Bible) to be transported during the processions. Other names by which the pass is known, always within Spain, are thrones or you walk. In turn, different parts are recognized within its structure, such as the desk and the stilts.

The people you need to address are called bearers, who are the ones who carry the step throughout the procession; its name comes from «costal», the garment that they wear at these religious events. All bearers must respond at the same time to orders, since they have an indivisible structure. The foreman always goes ahead of the pass, and his directions come first to the spokesman, who has the responsibility to bring the changes.

To cross very narrow streets smoothly or to control very large crossings without complications, it is necessary that there is a second foreman who works in conjunction with the contraguides (also known as counterguards), who are in charge of repeating the orders so that those in the back can hear them. Anyway, the distribution task is slightly different throughout Andalusia, as well as certain proper names.

Foreman Easter

In Andalusia, religious processions would not be possible without the foreman

Other examples

In the animated movie “Toy Story 2”, on the other hand, to character called Smelly Pete (Stinky Pete, in the original language) is also known as Foreman or Old Foreman. It is a miner doll who has a grudge for space toys.

ForemanFinally, it is the name of a computer program that provides solutions for the management of a company’s operations. East software helps to plan and control multiple activities of a company.