Forecast is a term that comes from Latin praevisio and what refers to the action and effect of anticipating (conjecture what is going to happen through the interpretation of signs or signals; see in advance; prepare means for future contingencies).

For instance: “The forecast of the press was correct: the couple did not last three months”, “I would like your forecast to come true, but I think it will be something complicated”, “This year we are going to earn 100,000 pesos, if the accountant’s forecast does not fail”.


The forecast of meteorological conditions arises from the analysis of multiple data.

Forecasting in meteorology

The concept of forecasting is similar to the idea of forecast (know him future through clues). Forecasts are therefore used in meteorology to indicate what will happen to the climate in the following days according to the conclusions of the analysis of the atmospheric conditions.

This means that experts, by studying satellite images, winds, temperature and other data, can predict whether in a certain territory it will rain, there will be sunny days, it will snow, etc .: “Weather forecasts anticipate days of pure sunshine in the city of San Camilo”, “If the weather forecast is correct, tomorrow we will enjoy a spectacular day at the beach”.

Resource for the organization

Foresight can become a valuable resource to organize our lives, since it can be applied in any context and helps us face problems that can have serious consequences if we are not prepared to attend to them properly. This concept is usually applied to the plane economic, since money is the basis of our survival in today’s society, but it is perfectly practicable even in emotional matters.

Since our nature prevents us from knowing all the events that take place in the world and even around us, it is always advisable to have a attitude active in life, trying to learn from our successes and failures, and fighting to arm ourselves in the face of unforeseen events to prevent them from spoiling what we have built In a blink of an eye.


Making a forecast of income is key to making economic decisions.

Forecasting as anticipation

According to the RAE, one of the meanings of the noun forecast is have what is necessary to be able to solve needs that we can foresee; This refers to those situations that we can anticipate, no matter how much we sometimes like to complain about our bad luck in order not to take on our responsibilities.

To speak of forecasting, the future must be taken into account and a action that can alter it in one way or another. For example, changing jobs is a decision that can become a leap to a better economic move, but also a mistake that leaves us without income after a month. It is not possible to know with certainty the results that each of our decisions will have, but that does not indicate that we should avoid changes; on the contrary, we have to move forward and test, but without forgetting to prepare a strategy in case our plans do not go as expected.

A guess

A forecast can also be a guess about a certain event. In the days prior to the delivery of the Oscar awards, specialized journalists make their predictions about who will be the winners (“John Volskty’s forecast indicates that the French filmmaker’s work will win the Best Film award”).

It is important to clarify that the term forecast should not be understood as a synonym for hunch, although the latter is part of the first, since to anticipate an event it is necessary to rely on prior knowledge and analyze a series of variables to find the potential result to through the reasoning, as opposed to feeling that something will happen without knowing why. In other words, foresight emerges from meticulous study while hunch escapes reason.