Shooting is he act and result of filming. This verb (to film) can be used to refer to capture and record images on a tape or to work in a movie What director or actor.

The idea of ​​filming, therefore, can be used in different ways. It is common for the concept to be used with reference to the process of recording or filming.


Filming a movie is known as filming.

What does a film consist of?

Filming equals to register images that can be reproduced by generating the sensation of movement. That is why filming is different from photographing.

If we take the case of a movie, filming is the activity that consists of record the different scenes with the participation of the actors. This filming can be carried out inside a study or in outside.

Filming generally involves recording images with several cameras simultaneously. The same scene, on the other hand, can be repeated many times. Once the filming is finished, another stage that involves the edition, The incorporation of visual effects and of sound, etc.

It is important to mention that, just as certain tasks are developed after filming, many others are specified before the start. Filming begins once the screenplay, the locations or locations and the actors, for instance.


Currently, a telephone can be used for the development of a film.

The finished movie

The idea of ​​filming can also be used to name a film already finished or at material support that contains the filmic record. At this point it should be noted that filming can be a fiction work (a comedy, a drama, a horror movie) or a testimony of another type (a documentary, a recording from a security camera).

So we can find phrases What “Tomorrow we will present a revealing film that shows how a deputy of the ruling party receives a bribe”, “The filming of the Canadian filmmaker surprised the specialized press that covers the festival” Y “Unfortunately there are no films of this excellent dancer since he retired from professional activity in 1910”.

Home filming

Not all filming is professional or developed with advanced equipment and large budgets. The home, home or household footage are those that are carried out with phones or with cameras without complex features, generally with the intention of treasuring something as a souvenir.

Such a filming may consist of the recording of a School act or moments lived during a few holidays, to mention two possibilities. As can be seen, in these cases the films do not constitute works of art. fiction nor is there a production behind it, but images of real events are recorded that, for some reason, are important to the person filming.

Thanks to Internet and the advantages offered by technological tools, today home filming can be similar, in part, to professional ones. There are phones that shoot in high definition (HD) and software free to use to edit images, among other resources. In this way it is even possible to dare to shoot a movie with friends or to shoot a documentary independently.