Proceedings It is a term with origin in the Latin word expedĭens, which comes from I will expedite (“Give course”, “agree”). The concept has different uses and meanings according to the context.

ProceedingsA file is the set of documents that correspond to a certain question. It can also be the series of judicial or administrative procedures that carries a certain order.

For instance: “The lawyer was reviewing the file for hours to determine what is the best way to face the defense of the accused”, “The next of kin of the victims denounced the disappearance of the file of Court Number 7”, “In the file it is clear that the governor accepted bribes from the company in exchange for a permit to build the hotel”.

The definition of file varies even depending on the country. In general, it is an administrative instrument that compiles the essential documentation that supports an administrative act.

In the case of Spain, and as a result of the development of the Internet and new technologies, there has been the appearance of what is known as an electronic judicial file. Thanks to him, Justice can offer a much more efficient, faster and safer public service, since now it has the electronic files of any case.

The dispatch, the cause and the course in a business, the means used to solve a difficulty, the diligence in the management of something and the process that allows establishing a judgment about the action of an individual are also called the file.

Likewise, we cannot ignore the fact that the concept analyzed is part of the title of one of the most important television series of the 90s and of the history of the small screen in general. We are referring to the production entitled “X Files”.

Chris Carter was the creator of this audiovisual product, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. These gave life to two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, whose clear objective was to carry out the investigation of all the unexplained cases that occurred, the so-called “X Files”.

Specifically, these protagonists have to face the clarification of all kinds of paranormal events. In some cases these will be related to the extraterrestrial world and the possibility that these beings have made an appearance on Earth in one way or another. In other cases, these facts that are impossible to explain in a logical and scientific way are related to healings or monsters of different types. Not forgetting either that on many occasions the plots revolve around political class conspiracies.

A Employment Regulation File (ERE), on the other hand, it is a procedure that is part of the legislation of Spain and that can be used by a company financially distressed seeking authorization to fire or suspend employees.

What a company does through a ERE is to request permission for a collective dismissal, that is, to terminate a group of employment contracts at the impulse of the employer and after a prior agreement with the Public administration.