ExplosionFrom Latin explosion, a explosion is what is produced when a certain dose of Energy that it was trapped in a confined space, generating a sudden increase in pressure and causing luminosity, gas and heat to be given off. The explosions usually include a loud noise and the destruction of the container that contained the energy, which can be of thermal, nuclear or chemical origin.

For instance: “The explosion at the refinery left two people dead and a dozen injured “, “Hearing the explosion, we all threw ourselves to the ground and tried to protect ourselves”, “Most of the soldiers were sleeping when an explosion shook the night”, “Be careful: an engine failure could cause an explosion”.

The explosion usually generates consequences of destruction that transcend the exact place where the explosion occurred. release of energy. This is due to the waves caused by the detonation or the underlying pressure dissimilarities. A bomb exploding in a building can destroy adjacent buildings and break glass in surrounding houses.

The Tsar Bomb it generated the greatest man-made explosion of power in all of history. This bomb hydrogen fusion was detonated by Russia on 1961 and released a power from between fifty and 57 megatons. This detonation was carried out for scientific purposes on the archipelago of New Zembla, at Arctic Ocean.

In March 2011, Japan was hit by an earthquake followed by a fierce tsunami that swept over most of the northwestern coast. As a result of such a catastrophe, a fifth of the nuclear plants In charge of supplying electricity to the country, they were forced to cease their activity. However, all precautions were insufficient, given that an explosion at the Fukushima plant endangered the Japanese population, as it attacked the area where the oil was contained. nucleus.

The concept of explosion also has several symbolic uses. The spontaneous or surprising development of a thing and the violent expression of a mood They are also known as explosions: “The leaders expect a tennis explosion in the coming years thanks to the historic performances of Michael Reojal”, “The governor’s words generated an explosion of joy among the neighbors”.

ExplosionThe outbursts of anger They are common phenomena in many people, although surprising in a particular way for those who do not suffer them. They are often associated with unjustified violence, with an unpleasant personality, or simply reduced to emotional or professional dissatisfaction. However, to understand the causes of a spontaneous attack of aggressiveness and seemingly meaningless, it is necessary to go to the roots of the individual and carefully analyze their childhood.

Many times, the reasons for a person’s emotional instability are found in events that went unnoticed by their family, but left behind. a wound that has not healed since then. Abuses, in all its nefarious forms, are the most common source of these types of personalities, which tend to accumulate anger at a much higher rate than is considered normal, for reasons that do not affect others, but that respond to a Pattern which is related to the traumatic events of his first years of life.

Although each individual perceives the world and the events around him in a particular way, which invalidates the precision of an example, it could be said that a man who was repeatedly and repeatedly beaten by his mother. violence throughout his childhood he could not calmly process the image of a woman scolding her child, even if the reprimand does not include physical assault; If then this painting is presented to him in a public space, according to the degree of knowledge and self-control that the person in question has about himself, it is possible that he will pounce on the lady and attack her, to the surprise of the witnesses.