ExecutiveComing from the family of a Latin verb that means “comply” or “consummate”, the term executive refers to that which does not allow its execution. For instance: “The mayor gave an executive order to restore the schools and hospitals in the jurisdiction”, “An executive decree of the president allowed the release of the four detained persons”.

Executive is, on the other hand, a person which is part of a Executive commission or who holds a position of high direction within a company. The executive usually receives a high salary and has the obligation to dress in a formal way: “My uncle is an executive of a multinational group”, “I’m working hard to get a promotion and become a high-ranking executive.”.

It is known as Executive power to one of the three basic faculties of the State, next to Legislative power and the Power of attorney. The Executive Branch, sometimes referred to simply as the executive, has the function of enforcing and sanctioning the laws that regulate social behavior. Also known as Executive is the division of the government which is in charge of the daily management of the State.

A Executive producer is that person who fulfills a series of functions in the world of entertainment, entertainment or in the media. His tasks may vary according to the area he deals with, to the company (since each one can delegate specific tasks that escape the general definition of the position) or features cultural of each region in particular. The competencies of this position in different areas are evaluated below:

Executive* television and cinema: is in charge of managing all the groups of people that are part of the company, from directors and actors to makeup artists and illuminators. In this sense, he is the one who keeps track of the work flow, to ensure that everything stipulated is complied with. day 0, and proposes solutions for obstacles that may arise during filming sessions (which may be related to inclement weather in the middle of outdoor recordings, with camera breakdowns, etc.). With regard to such potential problems, you should not only offer solutions, but you should be open to suggestions from your colleagues. On the other hand, you have a responsibility to find financing for projects (an objective that can be achieved by private or public means) as well as the freedom to modify the destination of each monetary income, as it deems necessary;

* only on television: within the genre to which the programs in which you are working, you have the possibility to propose ideas for the creation of new content. Likewise, it is in charge of organizing the schedules of all its products, carefully analyzing the competition and making decisions that may mean success or failure for the whole team. You must manage the presence of advertisements in programs with the companies corresponding, as well as looking for sponsors for each broadcast and keeping an exhaustive control of the campaigns that the chain itself decides to place in its schedules. It is important to note that television series often depend on a good advertising strategy, rather than on the quality of their content;

* music: Today, record companies clearly distinguish between the executive producer and the musical producer; The former is in charge of decisions related to businesses and the hiring of artists, while the latter works directly with musical content;

* video game: Being a relatively young industry, despite having existed for more than two decades, the role The executive producer is not so defined in this case. It can be said that his job is similar to that of an executive film producer, especially in terms of promotional work and marketing decisions.