The etymology from episode takes us to the Greek word episodion, which can be translated as “intermediate”. The concept has several uses according to the context.

EpisodeAn episode is called chapter or one part of a dramatic or narrative work. The work as a whole, therefore, is formed with the totality of its episodes.

The T.V. series or those that are issued through streaming platforms they are usually divided into episodes. Several episodes, in turn, make up the seasons of the series. While there is common plot continuity from episode to episode, seasons generally function as one. Unit, closing various conflicts.

Take the case of “Game of Thrones”, known in Spanish as “Game of Thrones”. East Serie produced by HBO, which is based on novels by George RR Martin, consists of eight seasons: the first six are developed over ten episodes each, while the seventh season has seven episodes and the eighth, six.

A pilot episodeMeanwhile, it is the one that is shot as a test to analyze the content and try to perceive how the reception of the proposal will be by the public. The pilot episode is often said to be the episode or chapter zero.

An episode is also called an moment, incident or event in the life of a person or in the future of something. For example: “The fight with the famous director was an episode that marked the actor’s career”, “There were several important episodes in the revolutionary process that ended up changing the history of the country”, “Since that episode on the beach, I haven’t heard from him again”.